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Is Mac servers last forever? If so, how do they work or how to create them?


You can make them through an application that MajicJungle made. The name sliped my mind.

They dont cost credit, and I belive they are compleatly free.

@222oreo333 might be able to tell you more. :slight_smile:


Yeah, oreo and @Joe runs one too. They last as long as you want to keep them running on your Mac.


You need either a Macbook laptop or an iMac to access the Apple Store and download the Mac Server app. You’ll also need to reconfigure your router to send incoming data from a particular port to that device.

Then it’s pretty simple: the server runs as long as the computer is up and running. You dont use the cloud, so no TC are needed for maintenance: all the data resides on your computer.

The downside to that is there’s no way for tech support to help you if you need a rollback- it would have to be reloaded from your last computer backup.

There are various other oddities too: since your not using your cloud account, you can fonnect to a Mac server using any name. Also, doing a /stop simply shuts the server down, there’s no automatic restart.

Some time ago, I wrote a guide on setting up a Mac server: Guide: How to set up a Mac server

If you have questions, I’ll do my best.


@Joe covered the most important points. The other thing with Mac servers is that you can’t see how many people are on at any given time, you actually have to join to see if anyone is on

I find they are a lot safer than cloud servers since you don’t get people randomly joining


The only thing I need to add is that with the last update, Dave told us he completely forgot about the Mac App store, so he had a post with a link to the Mac Server. Looks like the file name was “BlockheadsServer.zip” and it came out about a year ago (file date for my copy is 11/30/2015) I don’t know if he still has it on the Mac App store because of this reason.
Edit: I guess I should have checked the App Store – it is there now, put up last summer (8/3/2016). Version 1.6.1.

I kept my iMac up for over a year once, but decided that I would be friendlier to the Earth, so I decided to shut down my iMac when I went out.



Great response!

The trick is to set up a Time Machine drive to back up regularly, if you’re worried about rollbacks.