About the Bugs & Glitches category


Report bugs and glitches found in The Blockheads here.

Note that this forum covers issues that arise in both iOS and Android, or just in iOS. There is also a dedicated Android forum, for issues that have only been found to occur on Android devices.


  • Before reporting a possible bug, if you haven’t already, please close down The Blockheads, reboot your device, and see if it still occurs after relaunching the app.

  • Please also check to see if you have the latest version of The Blockheads, and if not please update.

  • If you’ve purchased something in The Blockheads and didn’t receive it please contact support. You may do this by clicking the email support link in the SUPPORT section of the help/credits screen, which is reached from the in-game pause menu.

  • If the bug is an exploit that gives an advantage in the game, such as duping or working around game mechanics please report it via private messaging to a Beta Tester (BT) or a Majic Person (Dave or milla), rather than posting it here.


  • Make your thread title informative. We want to know a bit about the bug before opening the thread.

  • Please post the details of the device you’re using and the iOS version it runs, as well as the version of The Blockheads you have.

  • Please also state whether the bug occurs in single-player, on online worlds, or both.

  • After all of this please post a detailed description of the symptoms of the bug, as well as any steps we can take to attempt to reproduce it, should you know how to make it happen on purpose.

If you post a thread in here and other members post questions please answer them. They are most probably gathering more information in order to advise you or make your thread more complete and informative.

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