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Just a note to those flagging posts that are a year or more old: Please don’t.

Why are there so many Dating and Sex servers in The Blockheads

milla are you the host of the whole blockheads game


Nope, see the thing that says totally not my fault? The blockheads isn’t her doing it’s Dave’s.


i sjowed you his time case


I’m the Community Manager for The Blockheads.

Lost date
What should I build in my city

a number of people have, over the past week, posted to a thread from 2015 about transferring data between platforms. Please don’t. That thread is dead. If you wish to discuss the process involved start a new thread.


Is junior moderating tolerated?


No? I’m not entirely sure what that is. I think no.


“Rule-Breakers” are the people who break rules intentionally. It’s okay to politely tell new players that they broke a rule, and ask them to fix it.


Even the most polite can hurt


And help, depending on how you look at it.

Multiplayer haven't working for one or two years?! (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

That’s the other kind. It’s called “telling someone politely that they have some problem and they should have read the rules before you type that without someone getting triggered just because how rude it sounds like.”. I have a problem with this:

{quote reserved here lol. lemme get some. i will edit this later}


I would like to ask those flagging posts from months or years ago to stop doing so, unless they are offensive or inappropriate. Reporting a spammer to me, who I banned two years ago, is a really bad use of my time. Thank you!

[SOLVED] Question about new flagging policy

I have been asked if it’s okay to share email addresses that do not include personal information, and am about to update the OP again with more information about this, but my response to the person who asked the question should clarify our position:

No, by law your phone number, email address, address, full name, age, etc. are all considered to be personal information, and younger users are not permitted by law to share any of them without parental permission. It’s simplest, since we don’t have age data for our user-base, to assume everyone is possibly underage, and forbid the sharing of such information. It protects us from breaching the laws of the many jurisdictions, such as the US and Europe, who very rightly take the protection of young children very seriously :slight_smile:


When not using the report function to refer me to something could you please include a link to the thread or post you wish to call to my attention? I have more to do than I have hours in the day, so hunting around for threads you could so easily link to in your post or PM is really something I prefer to avoid.

For example, I have spent several hours on the forums today, and a decent chunk of that time was me looking for threads, which the user wanting me to visit them could very easily have included a link to, but didn’t.

It’s not a rule, it’s a request, but I would so appreciate your help, so I can better help you.

Also, if people could please not report my posts to me. I am not subject to the rules here, and even if I were, I would not post something I considered inappropriate here. Reporting my posts to me, is just a way to make me spend time closing the report.


If we report something in a pm, do you see the report?


milla does see that, she also sees all of ur pms ( but that would be too hard to read all of those )


She has stated before that she does not look at the pms, as they are private messages and she would like to keep them that way unless she feels like it is necessary to look into them.

Which I suppose if there was a flag then that may be a good reason to look into one.


Exactly. I don’t look at PMs unless a forums member reports them to me.

I’d just like to reiterate that members may not discuss how to cheat, apply cheat scripts, root/jailbreak, or in any other way violate the Apple or Google EULAs, or gain the tools to cheat in The Blockheads or any other game in these forums, and that includes PMs and public threads. This is in the community rules linked in the automatic welcome thread, which are in the first post of this thread, so really, there is no excuse. I’m very disappointed that I just had to remove a thread about this. Please, do not discuss these methods here.