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I was trying to say what you said but I just explained it badly.


@loganisgreat, here is the correct information about bumping and dredging. Nothing at all about it being 1/2 month so whoever told you that was spreading misinformation.


Just a reminder that it is not permitted to share photos of yourselves at all, including as avatars, profile pictures, or in posts. Photographs are considered as personal information and as such should not be shared if you’re under 13. If you are older we apply the same blanket rule, as we have no way to tell how old anyone is.


Am i allowed to use this picture @milla?

He is under 13 (5 years old) and i use him

I know that this looks like a joke but i am serious, can i use this picture? Is not i will delete every thread and topic that i used this


It’s not you, so I don’t see why not.


I hate your photograph.

Maybe it is allowed, but I don’t see it as a joke either.


^ What TheBest1ever said.


Milla, it’s been a year!


The cascading characters typeface is undesirable, as is anything else hard to make out. Do you think I need to make a rule about hard-to-read characters or shall we just keep it casual?


I never really see any hard to read text. So I don’t think it is necessary to make a rule at this moment. But I don’t think that hard to read fonts should be used for just general posting. But maybe if used briefly, in forum games, or if for some other reason necessary.


@TheFoil does that with text, I’ve seen him do it twice. It’s corrupt text or something, I find it impossible to read.


I think keep it casual. No point in bring up a rule that only stops 5 or so forum members.


I think if someone posts something intentionally in a font that is nearly impossible to read, it should be considered an equivelent to spam.

Also, I thought this rule had some good value to this discussion. :slight_smile:


Just reminder that only spam posts should be flagged as spam. I had three people flag the same post as spam in the last 24 hours, and it was not spam.

Technically, a spammer is someone who registers to use the forum purely to propagate a business or products. Their posts are ads. The spam flag is completely different to inappropriate, custom, or off-topic, and should only be used very specifically for spam, as per the above. It should not be used for links that load scam error messages as it has been today. Those should be flagged as inappropriate or something else. Thanks!


You should add something about this to the OP of this thread. New forum users probabbly would not know this, and some may not even think to read all the way down here to see this. :slight_smile:


In the Community Rules, Tagging People section, shouldn’t it be @ majicdave and not @ Dave? I think Dave is just a random person.

What category?