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A Helping Hand

Have a question. For some reason I have lost 2000 crystals. Can you help?


depends it could have been family member doing this or a glitch or if you done something bad on the game dave might have punished you im eating :milk_glass:&:cookie:
right now


Your 2000 crystals have maybe been used for creating a new server.

You are unable to get those back but I suggest just buying more, it is the easiest way to earn crystals.

I hope this reply helps and that it will help you in the future. Aura


I have a question How do you message another person on here?


Tap on the person’s username and tap on the message icon.

You will have to earn basic user before messaging is enabled. Reading a few more posts should earn basic user status.


Oh Ok thank you So much


WHat do you mean by posts?


Spend a little time reading on threads on the forums. Posts are the individual responses within a thread.

What category?