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Rules and guidelines:

  • If you have an idea for a change to The Blockheads you may start a thread here so it may be discussed and responded to. Please be sure to make your thread title informative. No threads called “My Idea” or “suggestion”, please!

  • Post one suggestion in each thread. Threads with multiple suggestions will not get official consideration.

  • Information included should be how the idea works, items required either as ingredients or crafting surfaces, what it might look like, and any other detail that might be found useful to other community members wishing the assess the suggestion.

  • Please refrain from telling those making suggestions that the suggestion has already been made or that it exists in another game. Most have or are, and it makes the suggesting person feel silly unnecessarily! Be courteous, respectful, and curious! Questions are a good idea, as are suggestions for the suggestion!

  • If you like an idea then “:heart:” LIKE IT! The OP should have at least as many :heart:s as it has individual user posts praising it.

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Just an update to bring to people’s attention the purpose of the LIKE :heart: button. I’m seeing all these suggestions, and lots of people posting to say they like them, but very few who are clicking/tapping the Heart :heart: button to like the OP. Please do this if you like :heart: a suggestion! It’s an important part of getting a suggestion considered.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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@milla you should definitely remind people of these posts.

They help a lot!:smile:


I have posted a suggestion with the category suggestion. It is called Magical Weapons / Hostile Mobs. Will it be looked at ? (I am new to these forums so sorry if I get anything wrong)


All suggestions are looked at, eventually. Doesn’t mean they’ll all get official consideration, however, unless they conform to all rules on the subject. Your thread does not.


I would like to be able to edit my my blockhead after I warp them out of the portal


(This is the only place I can get posting to work. Sorry I know the ideas aren’t supposed to go her, but I can’t seem to figure out how to post my idea on the suggestions topic.) help?




You can actually already do this! If you craft a mirror, you can edit their appearance.

To start a new thread, click the + New Topic button at the top of the screen when in a category / latest.


Alternatively, this link will create a topic in the suggestions category: http://forums.theblockheads.net/new-topic?category=suggestions

Welcome to the forum! You might want to review the forum rules here. In particular, this forum doesn’t allow multiple posts in a row. You can edit your post to fix mistakes or add something you missed by clicking on the pencil icon at the bottom of your post, it looks like this: image

Posting to a thread more than once in succession within an hour is not permitted. “In succession” means without others posting in between your posts, resulting in more than one post from you in a row, and within a short period of time.

You can also click the three dots to delete your extra posts and fix this so Milla doesn’t have to :slight_smile: