Abuse of the flagging system

Abuse of the flagging system is now a banning offence. I’m not banning anybody this time, but the person who abused this system recently knows who they are, and should consider themselves on probation. Flooding the flag system is not a good idea.


Thank you for the public service announcement! I hope we can put this issue to rest now. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that it wasn’t already a banning offense. I could’ve sworn that somebody was permanently suspended for that before. Their account has been completely wiped for an extremely long time now.


thank you very much, we appreciate you and i’m personally sorry you had to log back on to this mush, honestly i was very frustrated trying to keep my cool but it was very difficult, i even put a ‘i’m being quiet’ post in welcomes and farewells and it got flagged, i was pretty disappointed, i really appreciate that people were trying to stay strong and were supportive, thank you for addressing this :slightly_smiling_face:

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