Accounts / Usernames

As the title suggests, I just wanted to know why you only use usernames instead of an account, like a username and a password instead of just a username. It seems like it would be easier, but I don’t know.

Well, nobody would be able to crack it. :slight_smile:

True, but I feel like that would be a way you could keep your progress on multiplayer worlds across different devices. Or at least that is how it makes sense in my brain.

If you did accounts you’d need passwords, which require a readily available recovery method which would likely be email. The problem with having accounts that are tied to email is that is rather problematic for younger players.

Although I do agree with this, I would also like the function of being able to save data for worlds across multiple devices. This would make it much easier to switch from my table to PC when needed.


True, I could see a way where you could either join a server the way it currently works with just or username, or log in with an email-tied account. The only problem is that assuming an account is tied to a universal username, it is possible that they’ll conflict with currently used usernames.

So I guess it comes down to Dave’s initial decision and the difficulties of swapping course while there are already thousands of active player profiles in the cloud network.


We use support IDs, which are tied to Apple and Google IDs. So long as you’re using the same platform account you get the same account on every device.