Accounts (w/ support id)


So I’m probably not the one only one who wants to play cross platform and across devices. Plus I want to share with my friends sometimes. How about accounts? When you download the game, it prompts you to enter an old account ID or to create a new one. The new ID will be random. But what’s an account ID? Well, that’s your support ID! Just make sure you keep it safe and log out every time you log in.


What if you are offline? Single player worlds would be online only?


Edit suggestion: remove account ID and use USERNAME (NOT YOUR REAL NAME) for logins.
And also add a password.


No, the account ID is the same as the support ID. For example if my support ID was “5CJ1”, I’d input 5CJ1. The input of an account ID would require you to be with an internet connection so that the game can load in your spinner/accounts, but after the ID is inputed there is no need to be online unless you want to change the account again

Singleplayer worlds would still be offline.

Existing players would be prompted with the dialog box when opening the app. New players have to either enter the ID or randomize a new one created by the game. The ID function would be a required thing for players to enter.


What if you have different IGNs across servers? Plus two credentials is a hassle. A simple ID doesn’t require any work. The generation of the ID is also already there for Dave to implement.


Not igns. The USERNAME is just for logins/the bh overhead
The bh overhead:

(bh name)


And this?
Also, what’s a BH overhead?


What I call the thing over the bh


A bh name is the same thing then? That’s tied to your IGN. Again, it’s more a hassle to have to credentials. Dave can just put a dialog box and some more code as opposed to potentially more work.


Device 1: Please enter another support ID here to change into that one.
Device 1: In order to continue, please enter an IGN from that support ID or confirm on another device that has the support ID you entered.
Device 1 (if entered IGN): Your support ID was changed successfully.
Device 2 (if confirming on another device): Another device wants to merge support ID with yours. Allow this?
Device 2: Support ID changed.


I would be cool to have the same Support ID on multiple devices, and the ability to upload single player worlds to the cloud and download them on to another device. But, then, maybe you’d have to pay for that…