ACTIVE server list

Is there a website where I can find active servers? Or at least an option to filter out servers without credit?

Also if there are any servers in need of help, I’ll be happy to help during my free time.

Go to search on blockhead and push space and than push search it will show servers that has people on it


Bibliophile used to have a server list for 1.7 servers, but I cannot find it anymore.

Assorted Servers 2019 there’s this but I’m not sure how up to date it is

Ah, that is what I was looking for.

This site shows servers that are active:

The votes reset every month, so you can pretty much expect if a server has a count greater than 0, that somebody probably plays on it and votes for it each month.

i doubt it’d be difficult to post a list in this thread, though you can use the sites i think it would be easy to figure it out yourself via search

do i really have to say why it would be easy? i’m pretty sure we all know why it’s narrowed down so much

The list on the website still has a ton of “Out of Credit” servers. Thankfully typing in a space and hitting search works, but it only loads a few servers.

Yes bc it loads the one that has people on it

no, that’s a common misconception, assuming that most servers have a space included in it, the space is simply saying:

“search for recent worlds with (space)”

therefore you’ll see all recent words that contain a space, notice that one word or hyphenated worlds will not show up on the list

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That’s true. you might also try a common letter like an “A” in your search, or an “E”.

Searching for worlds with a space would never show “RABBITHOLE” which definitely has credit. (Just isn’t very active). or “NEVERLAND” which has been revived.

I don’t know why people would be voting on the website for servers that don’t have credit. That’s odd.

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well i’m not sure how you’d figure out yourself when it ran out of credit unless you had joined before and saw, so maybe some of them were voted before they ran out of credit?

that goes into small coincidental chances though, sounds like a lot voted are out of credit, so i doubt all of them were voted before they ran out of credit

I figured it out by clicking “join server”, being sent over to the app, and getting the notification saying “Out of Credit”. Have you tried out the website? Only a few of the hundreds of options have credit.

i skimmed through it, but yeah that holds up to point, i have no idea how else it’d be that many

The votes are cleared every month. So, since October 1st, there are THAT many servers with votes that are out of credit? Sounds like something might be amiss. Like some bots are bumping up votes or something.

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i hadn’t realized people cared enough to create bots for that kinda thing, it’s just a kids game?

I took a gander at the top servers on the list and for the most part, they seem legit. The high vote count servers are all using the common popup to garner more votes.

I did find one server who has an issue on their welcome page. I’ll try to catch the owner sometime if I can. The link they used for voting actually directs players to vote for MGN Jetpacks, which I don’t think has been active for 3+ years. But I think since Red Eagle designed the website, he used MGN Jetpacks as a sample for the vote banner, so it’s probably a matter of cut and paste and then not updating the URL for their own server.

Some of the servers have changed names, which is apparent when you use the Join link and then a new name pops up. But everything with greater than 1 vote has credit.