Adapting to Apple Changes

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I’m on my first notch phone, and it really doesn’t bother me. I’m still getting used to no home button after years of having one, but the notch just hasn’t registered.

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You’ll get used to it after a while. Just don’t think about it and try to not focus on it.

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Yeah, I no longer have the reflex to press, and flick instead, but I’m slow to get the hang of loading the task switcher. It’s a small price to pay though.

Do you prefer Face ID over Touch ID?

I do on the whole, but if I were travelling I think I would disable it and use my password. The information security geek in me hates that someone just needs to point my phone at me to unlock it and access my external brain. I’m incredibly security conscious.

It really impresses me how well it works, even in the dark.


Thanks. I will check that out. I still think I’d kill it if I travelled.

I actually have a second sanitised AppleID, which has zero personal data on it, but has apps I like, so I can restore my phone with that if going somewhere where I don’t trust the police, but otherwise disabling Face ID will do the trick.

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hahah i have a second samsung account i use for browsing the dark web. I definetly don’t want any personal info leaked on there :flushed:

My dad experiences a problem through Face ID when making payments with Apple Pay during this pandemic - you’re face is covered with a mask, and Face ID does not appear to work even with a separate face ID with a mask.

I assume that “headphone jack” going gone was a big change to endure for many people, especially hearing that Apple’s bluetooth earphones are terrible.

Also, their change from lightning chargers to USB-C is debatable.

Wait, really? Where did you hear that? I have only ever heard positive things. :laughing:

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no home button is seriously annoying for many reasons, for one thing when you try to screenshot the bar at the bottom always gets in the way unless you wait for it to go away

it’s also annoying to swipe up to close apps like that, i know some middle-aged people who literally can’t do it because it’s too difficult for that movement

i think the worst of it for me is i always confuse the different functions, screenshots used to be simpler, now i believe it’s either volume button and the button to turn off

i could maybe forgive that lacking part if there was still a separate headphone/earphone port, we all know how incredibly painful that is, and i’m personally forced to resort to bluetooth headphones all the time

i’m not upgrading above my XR, what the hell is the point? one of the main things is just getting more than one camera (and then four)… for iPhone 13, we’re going to get eight cameras instead

I don’t think it’s seriously annoying, but if you really don’t like it, you can always edit it out by clicking the picture when it pops up in your bottom left hand corner. 5(?) seconds to get rid of it, ish.

I can get that. They can enable the accessibility feature to give a button that returns them to the Home Screen. If that still doesn’t fit what they need, they could get another phone.

I don’t know what kind of headphones that you have that make you feel like you’re “resorting” to them, but my AirPods are pretty nice. My phone is also usually fine and doesn’t need another charge until nighttime. I rarely charge it during the day/evening, and if I know I’m going to be using it a lot, I turn it on low-battery mode even if its on 90+%.

I’m with ya! I got my iPhone X 3 years ago and have no desire to upgrade. If someone gave me a newer model I certainly wouldn’t turn it down, but I think this one is great how it is. :smiley:

I think there are many things that apple does that I don’t agree with – my MacBook doesn’t have a USB port, so I can’t use a mouse until I get a wireless one – but I think in general, their products are pretty great.

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i probably shouldn’t have made it sound to that extent, it was an attempt at exaggerating how annoying it is, but to be fair the need to edit it out and whatnot is still annoying, which was the point

that was also exaggerated, i shouldn’t say i’m forced, but i’d like to add that, in turn, i did say in the airpods thread they’re personally less comfortable for me, same with any ear buds, so regardless headphones are better for me personally, but it’s just preference, but either way convenience is my main concern in regards to that, i try to have my phone on a portable charger as much as possible because i have a lot of stuff to do

yeah, honestly the division between Microsoft and Apple is still fairly equal, Windows can often be less secure, Mac has problems with that kinda stuff, iPhones these, it goes on but end game it’s all about preference, the average person basically prefers one over the other because they’re used to it, but i’ve seen (albeit lesson commonly) people who use iPhone and Android, and even Windows and Mac, or all four

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not really, upgrading from an Iphone 6 to an 11 I miss Touch ID but I appreciate the stunning bezel-less full screen (minus the notch)

What about USB-C?

You’ll get used to it eventually. The notch isn’t a distraction by then.

These days, it doesn’t just apply to Apple.

We will have to embrace the wireless future. I don’t see how it could be painful.

I hate to burst your bubble, but… :laughing:

wow i’m reallyyyyy sadddd they aren’t adding more cameras because they neeedddd more cameras