Add a list of rules Somewhere in the Game

I think it should be made clear what will get you cloudbanned. A list of rules seems reasonable. What do you think?

I mean, most people would have common sense; but a list of rules would be good for people who don’t know.

What’s wrong about the text at the bottom of every welcome message? I think it’s pretty clear that players need to exercise common sense.

While playing on any server, please be courteous to other players, listen to mods and admins, and behave yourself. You may be muted or banned for any reason, and the in-game chat may be monitored.

Creating a list of rules is asking for someone to complain because they just skirted the edges and don’t think they crossed a line.

Moderation is inherently a subjective task. Trying to rigorously define what can get you banned is an exercise in futility.


The text is kind of small. A lot of people do not seem to catch it. I do not see the harm in at least adding a list of rules somewhere.

I don’t explicitly state the in-game rules for exactly the reason Bib has outlined. The “be respectful and don’t do anything that’s illegal, hateful, or not child-friendly” policy works fine.

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I guess it’s more of a common sense thing then, right?