Add a Zoning Sign


Note/Edit: This would be neat because it would allow for way easier mini game servers.

While the name is a work in progress, the concept isn’t. A zoning sign would designate certain areas as what are essentially new worlds. When a player enters an area within a zoning signs limits, their inventory would be set to whatever the admin set spawn items to (this and a few other features would be custom rules only). When this is done, that inventory and all other items counting clothes currently being worn would be temporarily removed in replaced, for example.

-Mr.Examplio is walking around in his linen clothes and walks into a zoning sign location. This area temporarily resets his inventory and the set rules inside of that location.

Yes, within a zoning sign you could also set different custom rules, such as disabling trade portals in a certain zone instead of leaving them enabled. The Zoning Sign would be crafted using 10 TC and a Sign, and it’s range would be infinite when used by admins.

The range of the zone would be determined by multiple tools.

1:Single tile zoning tool.
2: 3X3 Brush Zoning Tool
3: Line tool
4: Fill tool

This would be done to allow for precise zoning, only admins could do this by the way.

That’s it, please leave constructive criticism, as it’s always useful.


So if someone has linen clothing and let’s say a half broken stone pickaxe and walks into a zoning area that’s set to spawn items they would loose their items until they walk out and the spawn items would replace their items?


This suggestion would be really useful…


Well… I think this is quite a nice idea, after all, my friend wanted to make an arena but decided it would be too unfair because they could easily take their own stuff into battle, a zoning sign would really help!