Add an aggressive/non-aggressive setting for pets


Let me start this with a story, about a month or so ago I was playing on a server when someone with about 20 pet scorpions decided to walk through spawn. This led to me almost being murdered by said scorpions. The person didn’t want to murder us or anything, they just didn’t have a decent amount of cages.

That leads me to suggest this, we should have an option when you click on pets to set them to aggressive or non-aggressive.

Imagine an army of angry attack dodo’s or some super chill scorpions just walking through, it’d be great!

Just thought of this now, so please leave some critique.


I absolutely love your idea


Good idea, aggressive dodos would be funny


A fish killing you while a shark chills around.


A fish eating a shark, that would be great.


Kelp eating a shark


Dodos trying to murder you would be hilarious!!!


I don’t think passive mobs should have an agressive settings (for obvious reasons) but I like the idea of making agressive mobs passive.