Add dogs!

Make dogs as an animals dogs can be found on grassland they will follow you if you give them bone and attack mobs that are harmful and sleep at night they can also die by getting attack on not getting feed like he isnt getting feed 3day they can survive by eating grass but some times they don’t and to get bone you have to mine fossil can be found on desert or caves or in mines also would it not be fun to add name tag it can be found on cave as a treasures or by exploring

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How do you tame them?

Compared to the many other topics about dogs in #suggestions, your topic definitely stands out. Great job! :slight_smile:

Hi wumbo to feed them or tame them you need bone can be found on mines or caves or in desert also thank you!

It will drop the souls of the dead and meat the souls of the dead can be use in to revive them 【it need Revival table】they probably not add it :frowning:

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