Add gem vines

Gem trees have been a part of Blockheads for a good amount of time, spicing up the sky with their rarity, beauty, and utility. Sky islands are also great places to find pesky vines, but that doesn’t mean they have to be pesky. I am here to suggest adding gem vines.

Section 1: Where would these be?

Gem vines would be a complementary addition to gem trees, near the bottom/middle of the sky island similar to normal vines.

Section 2: Would these be overpowered?

As previously stated, these are meant to be complementary, but uselessness is never fun. Vines would grow at a similar rate as gem trees spawn actual gems. Instead of dropping whole gems, gem vines would drop gem shards (I forgot the exact name, I’m sorry). This would allow for some form of usefulness, and it would aesthetically complement gem trees.

Section 3: Are these really that necessary?

The answer to the above question is, of course, no, but that doesn’t devalue gem vines in any sense. The success of many sandbox games lies within their details and the variety of blocks and building options, and this is simply another detail that gives Blockheads a but of character.

Section 4: To conclude…

Those are the reasons I believe that gem vines would be a lovely addition to Blockheads, and that’s all I have to say. Please ask questions in the replies section if you’re confused or interested.


I actually think this is a good idea. But doubtful it’ll be added, but that would be very cool.

I love this idea! I’d think it’d be useful for my unicorn pastures. Pretty and tasty (for the unicorns).

Unicorns have strange diets… :sweat_smile:

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they eat cake, and trolls eat metal so…

I’m guessing they will be gem like, similar to the gem trees. And the part where they grow gem pieces/fragments/shards, it pretty perfect complementary addition to sky islands.

Do you think they will grow the same type of gem vines as the gem trees? Or can they vary differently to the gem tree? Maybe they can just grow on any natural sky island.

I was thinking they’d be kept to gem tree islands. Gem trees themselves are much more mystical than the rest of the blockheads world, and the sort of divide it creates is something I’d want to keep. Gem vines would be the same kind of gem as the tree type, and could not only grow off of trees but off of other island blocks.

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