Add Wolves


I’ve always loved The Blockheads, and while it definitely has many great feautures, I have always found the lack of dangerous mobs as a drawback. Now, you can say drop bears, sharks, and scorpions are a threat, but only one of the three are an issue. (Yes, cave trolls are hostile but they’re very rare so they’re generally not a threat.) So, I have a solution.

The wolf! Wolves would naturally come in packs of 3-5, with packs of 5 being rare. They could be tamed using cooked or raw dodo meat.

Spawn Conditions.

Wolves would generally spawn in forested areas, usually in the colder regions that have pine and maple trees. If it’s cold enough and had enough pine and maple trees, then they will spawn.

How dangerous are they?

Well, wolves would deal decent damage on their own, about 3/4 of a scorpions damage per bite, but they would have a catch. Wolves are significantly faster, and chase down enemies for a long time. Due to them being in packs, this would make them especially dangerous.

What do they drop?

Wolves would drop fur, wolf meat, and wolf fangs. Wolf fangs can Ben used to maleness tools with the durability of flint, but the strength of the stone. It would also allow for a fang dagger, a quick weapon with damage similar to a flint axe.

Why do we need them?

Simple, it would add some much needed danger to certain locations without much danger.


This is a good idea and a bad idea at the same time

The good side:
better animals are something the game needs
I also agree about adding more danger to non-dangerous places

The bad side:
One word

This just seems like something they’ll like, and it could be used to attract more


Shrek approves your post.

Still, minecraft has wolves, and they’re really not that realistic, so you can get to like them even if you don’t like furries, but other than that discussion, they should make more damage…


I never said I didn’t like it, I just said it could attract scum,

Think of it this way.
You have your favorite food, but the person you despise also loves that food. You don’t hate the food, you just don’t want them near you because you have the food, and you know they might come over

Sorry if it made no sense I’m living off cheese balls and I haven’t slept for a day


Same dude.
And well, that wasn’t really directed at you, Just saying that if somebody didn’t like furries there might be no trouble.
But yeah, totally agree on your example.


Okay…Okay add Wolves,Rabbits,Dragons,Horses,Ocelots e.t.c. :smile:


What about foxes.

(no reference intended)


What about Rats and Cats?


Probably the most effective animals to be added would be wolves, since blockheads is kinda like a “Human evolution minigame”, and since wolves were companions for humans since cave times, they would represent that in a nice way.


We got dropbears, donkeys and other mammals in the game, so the bad side is flawed.