Adding a higher radius to protection signs

Let me explain what I mean. So recently I’m working on a server with people and I made a hotel with small rooms (4x4), medium rooms (6x6), and large rooms (8x8). I was planning to put a protection sign in each room so people could customize their room but there was one problem. When I put the protection sign down and I tried to change the size, it couldn’t fit the room. Reason why is because the rooms were 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8. Those are all even numbers. You can only use the slider to have a radius of odd numbers (3, 6, 9, etc) I suggest adding even numbers to the slider to fix this problem. :confused: That’s all I really had to say, so thanks for reading this.

There’s no even numbers to ownership signs because the ownership sign has a one block center.


Oh! I did think about that, but I usually put a block near the middle to add a protection sign there, but I can’t cover the entire room without touching walls of another room.

I thought it took up two blocks?

It can, but it will still count a one block center based off the block you placed the ownership sign on.


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Might as well redo your hotel with 5x5, 7x7, 9x9…and so on rooms.
If you wait for this suggestion to be implemented, you may be waiting quite a while…:sweat_smile:


I did this kind of thing too with the owner ship sign. Is the elevator in the middle or something. I suggest moving the sign so it not only covers the room but one column of blocks. Like the ones away from the elevator or to cover the door to the person’s room. (This being for iron doors so the customer can be the one to place it down instead and they will also be the only one that can get in their room). Cool huh?


I think I have found a solution to my problem. I think I should add a protection sign to the roof, if the room is 8x8, I will make the protection sign 9x9. I just gotta hope people are trustworthy… :tongue:

Might as well… After all, it took a while for a new update, but I’m grateful.

Merged two posts into one.

I believe I got an idea for this suggestion. When a protection sign is placed on 2 blocks, there will be even numbers for the radius. When a protection sign is placed on a single block, it will have odd numbers for the radius.

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