Adding Lan Play on Andriod


Now my Suggestion is that LAN Server should be added because in 2014 I had a IPad with my Friend and now we have Andriod Phones but why is LAN Play only On IOS Not on Andriod? I mean like If you Could host a LAN Server On your Phone because i want to Play just with my Friend (In The same Wifi as I) i dont want A Hole 16 People Server And i think Some People too are for The Idea Thanks For Reading my Suggestion.


NoodleCake Studios chose not to.


Android-specific suggestions should be sent to the Android developers at Noodlecake Studios. We do not operate the Android side of things at all. You can email Noodlecake via the Support link in the HELP/CREDITS screen, reached from the in-game pause menu, or by going to their social channels.