Adding Majic to the Blockheads

This is a lot here, so take a deep breath.

I know this has probably been asked for several times, but I just want to put my own ideas out there.

Magic Beans and Magic Bean Plants- these will be the key to all magical things. They will spawn randomly and like corn and flax, when they grow you can harvest the tops and get more beans when they get older. The plants can be green and give off a glow. The beans are silver and give off a glow.

Magic bench- 1 wood, 10 magic beans, 1 tin bucket, and 1 gold block. Makes wands and potions.

Content Potion-1 bucket of water, 5 magic beans, 1 mug, and 5 coffee cherries. After drinking, your blockhead’s environment, hunger, and energy bar will be full for a certain amount of time.
Health Potion1 bucket of water, 5 magic beans, 1 mug, and 10 apples. Fills health bar all the way up.

Wand- 1 stick, 10 magic beans. Sends a blast, decreasing an unprotected blockhead’s health by 1/4. Also damages a block.

Magic trade portal- 1 trade portal, 1 gold block, 50 magic beans, 50 tc. Buy and sell wands, potions, spells, and robes. Spells are freeze and fire. The freeze spell has the same affect as freezing for 5 seconds while fire has the same affect as the target being burnt for 5 seconds. They show up in the inventory as blue and red blobs. Robes are long and black. They are like armor, as they protect your blockhead, and look awesome, but eventually wear out. Spells and robes cannot be crafted, though maybe they could be later.

Magic island- magic island is a floating island high above the spawn. It is filled with magic bean plants. The Wizard meditates in his palace. You can defeat The Wizard and take The Wizard’s chest. You would basically have to wear entire titanium armor and have a titanium sword or gold bow with poisonous arrows to defeat him because he has a lot of health, can fly, and shoot spells. It should be very hard to defeat him. In The Wizard’s Chest there is The Wizard’s Robe, which protects your blockhead and does not wear out, and the Golden Wand, which kills an unprotected blockhead instantly, destroys almost any block instantly, and does not wear out. There is The Wizard’s Palace which is made out of gold and has all kind of treasure on Magic Island. Also, when you defeat The Wizard it drops a little wizard to pick up. When you click on it in your inventory then click on an empty square on the ground the wizard will pop up there, but instead of embark, you can type in the name of a player and the Wizard will hunt the player down. The player can kill the wizard and you can get him back from any portal for 100 tc. You also have the option of guard and he will guard within 25 blocks of where you put him.

The magic island thing might be a little too much, but I think it would be fun to create a world, connect to gamecenter, then compete With yor friend to see who gets the wizard first.

Okay, it would be fine to leave magic island out.

you should post each idae in a seperate thread

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Great idea I love Harry potter it would be a great update to the game!

Baa sss :confused:

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I remember a while back ago when I posted about magical things. I can’t seem to remember it. But it’s called Enchanted Items: Bringing magic to blockheads. I think. Very similar ideas. But I like your ideas

So far, everything in the blockheads has beentech based, so a change can be desired. But what about servers? If the first guy who gets the wizard is a troll, then can’t here use it to kill everyone on the map and wreck their stuff?

LOve these.

Maybe you could have the option in multiplayer worlds for having Magic Island or not. But that would also mean the troll would have had to somehow get all the supplies to defeat the wizard. Most trolls I have heard of usually don’t gone on servers and build up their supplies. I’ve only really heard of trolls going on servers with nothing and just destroying other people’s stuff.

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I think you should have difrent types of wands the fire wand which gives the other blockhead the effect of buring like sticking coffe for a cirtin amout of time and the warter wand wich gives the other blockhead the effect of drowning for a cirtin amout of time

You have a lovely imagination, and you set your ideas out well. Well done! Just personally, I would really hate to see magic added to blockheads. One of the big things that drew me to playing Blockheads was that it did not have magic or zombies. The reason I feel this way is that it feels like everything I play has magic added, and the real magical thing about Blockheads is that it does not follow along like a minion after all the other video games, movies, and books out there that pander to the masses. Even mine craft has added magic, which is why I do not play it. I am so sick of magic. I totally understand that if you love something you want it added to Blockheads if you play it. But considering magic is so easy to find in every other video game out there, I would hope that Blockheads continues to stand on it’s own feet.
I am in no way saying that you are wrong, in fact I love the imagination you have put into your suggestion. It is your right to express your wishes. I am only expressing my wishes. I hope they do not offend. I do feel strongly about this, but I only wish to convey my personal feelings. I am not judging anyone else’s feelings on the matter.

I see what you are saying. But the magic would be separate from other things, so if you want you can play without the magic. It would just be a little something extra. The only thing you would really have to have is the magic beans, but they could be edible and could be treated like any other food item. If players don’t want magic, they could just leave it out.

I love this idea :slight_smile: .

Like Supergal said, you have a lovely imagination, and these ideas are specifically explained. But I may love fantasy, but isn’t the blockheads survival? (Actually, not really, it’s just SOMEthing) it’s a nice idea, that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Yes, the wizard is a little too much. But I would love it if the others were added.

On the bright side, you already have magic islands! Take a jetpack and fly!

Yes, I might of gotten, eh, carried away with the last part lol. That could probably be a whole other game.
In the beginning, it really is based on survival. But say you have more than enough to survive. I think magic would just add more to do. It would be kind of fun to have a RPG. I know that isn’t the whole point of blockheads, but it would just be a little something extra.

Yeah, although I’d love it, I just can’t see Dave adding it.