Adding server credit II


Why do they add server credit? It maybe make them a little more money but I think it is unfair because some people don’t want to pay $5 just to make the server last longer,


But it’s only 3$ a month and 1$ a week-


This change was implemented due to the overloaded hosting prices for servers.

With so many made from duplicated “free TC”, Dave, the game’s developer, was running the service at a loss since no revenue was generated from it. The change happened so that it could be reversed. It sucks, I know, but it was to stop the inevitable collapse of the game.

In reality, though, it is in fact actually cheaper than paying for it with bought TC.


I think the reason why was because you could actually make a server for free after watching enough videos like I did.


With that, though, Dave still received revenue, however minimal, through ad-watching. Free to your perspective, yes. But not truly free, since you’re paying with your time. An excellent pun, really.


Shhhhhhh I didn’t have anything better to do with my life… Although, now that I think of it, most of the credit that didn’t come from me was probably from some script kiddy


To be honest, I think it helped minimally.



You have always had to pay for server credit. But it is just that now they have gotten rid of the illegitimate way of funding. But as with all in life if you do not wish to pay, then you do not get the service.

I think it is truly unfair to disparage a business for wishing people to pay? Do you really think it is fair to complain?

There are so many users who are happy to pay for server credit, though it seems so many people want to be a owner, if you cannot afford to be a owner then either play on other peoples servers or perhaps have a mac server.

We are so fortunate that unlike most multiplayer games around that we do not have to pay simply to even access the game. There are many alternatives, embrace and explore them before moaning about a has been… :blush::wink:


For real!

When you put it like that, we really don’t have it that bad.

~$36 a year? Ask for birthday money! Ask for Christmas money! Maybe you’ll get enough (or more) to host.


Dave outlined our reasons in his announcement about it. The fact is that it has stabilised the business side of the game in a big way, reducing overheads substantially, while keeping income at viable levels. Without doing this it is entirely possible that the cloud component of the game would have been taken offline in the near future, whereas now it remains for longer.