Adjusting Shop Prices Without a Struggle

I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but more recurrences means more demand!

Certainly many of you have most likely experienced issues with annoying shop prices because of the slider not cooperating with your finger… Getting the right price to sell your items in the shop is sometimes difficult.

It would be great if instead of a slider there was a positive (+) and negative (-) button so you could increase the price OR decrease it without the need to slide the bar. Sliding the bar is very difficult on my iPad, I can’t imagine how it is for those with smaller devices.

A positive and negative symbol on each button would also allow for pricing precision. Instead of jumping to higher numbers, it would be great to have a gradual increase so that pricing can be a lot more specific. This is not possible to do with the slider bar since the numbers jump pretty fast after reaching the 10GC mark.

This would allow for finger friendly shops and precise pricing.


This would make things so much easier! On my teeny-tiny phone screen, it’s almost impossible to get the right price the first time with the slider, it usually takes a lot of tries until I get the right amount. Maybe so you don’t have to tap lots of times, there could be separate increase/decrease buttons for the different values of copper, gold and platinum coins? That way you could get a full range of prices easily.


I would love to have this. Using the slider bar is frustrating and being able to set a price exactly where you want it would be great.


If this is implemented, I think tapping and holding should make the price rise at an increasing rate like pulling part of a stack of items out of your inventory.


On Blokonomy I often will agree to sell something for one price and end up selling it for less because I can’t get the slider to stop at that price. A few cc in price often make a difference between making profit on a sale or not.


It would be helpful big time I can’t get my shop on blokonomy to sell tituam for cheaper than 35 cc but more than 30 cc

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Great idea. This would significantly help saving time while setting up multiple shops.

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Yes, yes!!! I spend so long trying to finely adjust the price in a shop and just the act of lifting my finger budges it over a bit to a different price and I have to start all over.

I also dislike that gaps as prices go up from 20. Maybe I want to sell something at a price between 1 plat and 1 plat 50gc. As others have said on a real economy server we are sometimes dealing with very small margins on prices.

Yes. This is a FANTASTIC idea. It works for setting the price but also quantity to purchase on a shop; it would also be great for quantity to craft. I don’t always want to craft all of an item in one go, maybe I know how many is possible before my BH refuses to work due to exhaustion. It makes sense to stop,at that point, tell the BH to go to bed and then begin crafting again.

I say why dint we just type it in and then a drop down box for the coin type if yiu go over the max fir a coin it will automtically take it down to the max?
I still think its a great idea either way can work but who kniws dave is just adding the things he wants to