Admin items


Some stuff should only be limited to admins in servers. Otherwise things would get way unbalanced. How to get them, tbd. Maybe, like pole items, you find them somewhere?
These tools should be used for managing servers, nothing else.

Trade portals.
Things are too easy to get. If people want to freebuild, then they could ask an admin or be admin, idk.
People need to actually play, not get a bunch of stuff easily. Jetpacks. It’s powerful. But it’s too easy to get (excluding the expensive price). People need to craft it.
Trade portals should be reworked.

Rainbow pickaxe(new): infinite durability, mines all blocks in one shot. Good for destroying carbon fiber blocks and titanium blocks.

Portal chest.
People just ask for portal chests. They get op stuff that they put in in other worlds. Yeah…

There’s a bunch of other stuff we need too. Let me know in the comments!


If these super-items were portal chest compatible they’d be a huge problem. They’d need to be custom worlds only. As such portal chests wouldn’t be able to be one of them.


There are times we’re portal chests and trade portals become useful but I have to agree on this suggestion. It’s been too long since I last played without trade portals.


If there is another way to have a “creative” inventory then I think removing trade portals will be ok. If not, though, then no.


I like the idea of making trade portals admins-only. While they’re great for large-scale operations, like building servers, they’re not necessary for standard gameplay. But if they were pulled from the public altogether, it would not only make a lot of lazy players annoyed, but it would make custom free-build worlds like Pixmilla redundant. Maybe an ‘admins only’ setting on trade portals for custom worlds would work, rather that restricting them for regular players altogether.


Instead of specifically banning items as a given, let admins choose. If an admin wants no trade portals give it to them, but don’t force it. Also, maybe remove the rainbow pick and other OP items from vanilla, as it could be a pain.