Admins ban


why do admins keep on banning themself. it seems weird.


Can admins even do that?


i look at my owner portal account and it came up with this:
adydh: /ban adydh


Probably Yes they can banned there self even demote their self. Only owner cannot be banned sorry I know it’s obvious I’ve just mentioned.


i just wanna know why


Why don’t you ask the player admin why they demoting their self? Because me I never do that.


how are you supposed to ask a banned player why they banned them self?


Being immature?


im not!!!


I mean the admin who banned their self (facepalm)




Admins even can’t ban owners in costom?


That’s called suicide



@TheFoil banning yourself is not suicide, that is kind of an insensitive thing to say.




I was litterally just about to say the same thing lol


Well, I did the same thing 4 years ago. They might have thought like me at the time, and thought it would be cool to test out. First I banned myself, my sister unbanned and re-admined me, then I unadmined myself and again my sister re-admined me.

You gotta experience it firsthand, amirite………


Why would the admins have the power to ban the owner in custom or even in survival servers they cannot do that.


Before I knew the forum, I noticed “Rule 3: Don’t ban owner” in a server.