Admins ban


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It also could be a sibling who got on with their device and is trying to cause trouble. I have had this happen on my server in the past. In that particular case they could not promise that the sibling would not be logging on with their account again. I choose not to restore admin privileges to that staff member because they could not secure their device from their sibling.


A feature I was considering adding to the suggestions is a type of password verification to log into the app. Many times siblings or offspring will go to your game and start frivolously spending time crystals and or causing trouble. This could be avoided with a passcode like you use to get into a locked phone.


Why not just lock your phone when leaving it unattended?


@bloky2018, answering the OP, I wouldn’t be surprise (if the admins to which you are referring are newer players) if one of them said “I wonder if you can ban yourself if you’re admin.” and all of the newer players tried. :joy:


“Don’t touch the stove Titan, you’ll burn yourself.”
“I wonder how hot the stove is… huhuhu…ARHHHHGHHAHHHH!!”


With the siblings case if you shared the device with them that wouldn’t work




the owner couldve lost the original account, so thats telling you to not ban the account that the owner made after they lost the actual owner account.


We will never know ones mind without them speaking about it.