Admins can't ban admins

This feature feels like it should already be in the game as it can lead to many issues.
This would also come with:
Admins can’t kick admins
Admins can’t remove an admin’s permissions
Admins can’t change other admins role.

Same would go for the moderator role.

Please add this. It affected me badly as on my friend’s very old server (sorry cant remember the name it was when servers costed tc)

My friend had game me admin because It was our server. One day a new guy came. He was different though. He was nice. He helped out, built us a castle and built some houses. I gave him admin and trusted him with it. Out of nowhere though, he banned me, my brother and all other people who were playing. Of course, my friend managed to unban everyone and ban this guy but it still was a horrible experience.

I know this is an example of don’t give admin unless you really trust somebody but this could have all been avoided if this was a feature. It also does kind of make sense.

Similar thing happened except it wasn’t as bad.
Same server.
2 different people joined. I gave them admin because they helped. Banned me. Luckily my brother banned them and un-banned me but when I got back the castle was destroyed.

As you can see, this not being in the game is an issue and this still happens today. Please add this or at least acknowledge that this is an issue. Thanks for reading, I hope this is added.

Alternatively, they could just add custom permissions for certain people. Custom roles would be VERY useful.


In your situation, it looks like the player was admined in a few days. Some player’s goal might just to get admin and grief the server. That’s why it’s important to take some time to see if the player has patience to receive admin perms.

But what if admins can’t ban admins because certain admins are greifing the server because they suddenly hate it? Wouldn’t that be more important then admining a player in the first place?


Why does everyone skip straight to giving admin? Give someone like this mod, they can do MUCH less damage and still help with the server.

In my experience, there’s at least a dozen good mods for every good admin… most staff shouldn’t be admin.


The purpose of them:

Mods moderate activities on the server. They make sure everyone is following the rules.

Admins administrate activities on the server. Their job is to run it and make sure everything is going smoothly.

What they are not:

Ranks given just for the heck of it.


No disrespect meant, but perhaps you should consider NOT admining players in the future. Bib is absolutely right. If you are trying to vet someone… baby steps… MOD first and then admin after they have proven themselves completely. Personally, I rarely (if ever) admin players on someone else’s server (I leave that up to the owner). If it’s my own server, I still rarely hand out admin status except to those I’ve know for YEARS. I understand the impetus to want to promote someone… you are probably a very nice person and you like to reward people for helping out. However, every single player on Blockheads can build something somewhere and seem friendly for a brief period of time. Being quick to admin players only does a disservice to that server and to the players who trust in the staff to make sound choices. It’s better to have someone wait to earn a position than to ruin a server by promoting bad players.


I disagree, the owner of the server could be asleep (timezones and all) and so an admin or somebody on an admins account, a frequently used excuse, is griefing the server, as other admins can’t ban him / her, they can’t do anything, next morning, the owner wakes up, server trashed.

That’s just one example of what can happen.


I have frequently seen server owners who admin much too quickly. Once a player came on a world that I used to play on many years ago who claimed to be a YouTuber. The owner made him an admin. As soon as the owner left he started banning the other admins. He and his gang started griefing and stealing. If it wasn’t for my habit of using multiple devices and accounts the world would have been destroyed in a matter of hours. If an admin hadn’t been able to ban another admin I couldn’t have stopped him. The owner wasn’t going to be on for a long while as she had just gone to bed. You only need a few trustworthy admin to run a world. Make sure they are trustworthy first.


Well, a different counter-argument might be that, if one rogue admin started doing bad things and this new rule was in effect, none of the good admins could ban, kick or remove that person’s permissions. So they could happily continue wrecking stuff.


Jem’s comment above applies to hackers as well. Imagine a hacker getting hold of this piece of code. Imagine a hacker that only an owner could ban…

Yes, that’s exactly what the first reply to this thread said. But although I don’t need this function myself, I felt bad for OP. I mean, he got lectured by multiple people on it who are largely saying the same thing already. You guys always scare new forumers away


A bad admin will probably ban every admins before grieving so…

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No. Stop assuming I give admin out so easily. For one I gave him mod before this. Two, I gave him admin after a few months or maybe even a year. This feature still needs to be put in place. It’s absolutely stupid that admins can just go and ban other admins. Why ? Because you can give somebody admin after years of them helping but if you do one thing they dislike then they ban you. Another thing, I co- owned this server. My friend was owner and when I was banned he had quit the game because the server was in shreds.
Saying it’s my fault is quite stupid. How am I supposed to know that he would destroy the world ? I don’t give away admin like halloween candy. I give it to people who deserve it. My point is that admins should NOT be able to ban admins.

Also to the person who said that this scares off newcomers. It does. I feel like i was attacked. Bombarded with people saying it was bad.


If you have any concern that they might do this, DON’T. It’s that simple. It seems to me as this person didn’t deserve to be admin.

Are they young? Immature? Gets upset easily? Do they follow all the rules? Do they make sure others follow the rules?

I’ve said this before, admins are people that want to run your server. That is why I ask before adminning someone. Admin is not a rank you give because you like someone. It is actually a lot of work. You constantly drop what you’re doing to help others.

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To answer your questions, They weren’t young, they were mature they followed rules and told me when people broke rules. Seemed like a good person. I’m sure that if any of you were with this person that you would also give them admin. They were respectful to everyone in the server.

I hear you. But what do you propose if some bad admin is banning all players (except other admins), stealing, griefing, messing up the welcome page, etc.? If they can’t ban admins, then admins are the only ones that are safe, but the bad admin can’t be stopped except by the owner, who, in your case, wasn’t even active.

What might be nice, and has been suggested before, is a sort of hybrid of your idea. A super admin category that is nearly equivalent to the owner. They cannot be banned by admins but essentially have all the same powers as an admin. OR what might be even nicer is a sub-admin that can assign protection, see the entire discvoered map, but can’t unadmin anyone, can’t edit the WM, can’t alter a custom server’s settings, and can’t remove or inspect items owned by true admins or the owner. It would be a bridge between mod and admin that could be appropriate for a lot of people that might not be fully in that “admin trust level”.


I don’t see the point if admins can demote each other…

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I have a story dear to me when it comes to being careful with admin. One time, I found a neat server as a normal player and I was given a starter kit with 2 trade portals and diamond portals. The next day, I came back to find an admin STEALING THEM FROM OUR HOUSE! This angered me quite a bit, but then they made me and our friend go down into a prison location (under threat of banishment, and I really loved the server) and they tried to make us fight to the death to see who wouldn’t get banned. Bad enough, right? The only reason I stayed was because the owner came on just the right time and tried to discuss what happened, like a bad court trial.

Eventually, through a series of incidents and us getting admired, we showed the owner why they were bad. Eventually, about 4 months later, they returned on an alt, got admin, and proceeded to unadmin and ban all of us. Fortunately, the owner found their BS again and we got rid of them. Within that interval before their final goodbye I was continuously griefed, with a precious gem tree of mine being destroyed, being murdered constantly, and being framed for working with a hacker who tried to destroy the server, ruining my friendships with all of the other good staff.

What’s the lesson here? Be careful to admin, if at all. This is the kind of crap that destroys whole servers, and not only do I approve of allowing owners to limit admin permissions, but, like many others, I warn you to be very careful where you tread and who you trust.

Again, sorry if I’m rambling, but this experience is genuinely one I will remember.

Yeah but telling you when people break rules is kind of a general thing people should do. My recommendation would be starting slow and keeping a secondary form of communication with admins so you can hear the whole story.

You are correct. I think a super admin would be best for this. Then giving out admin wouldn’t be such a risk. I think it could still have the super admins can’t ban super admins. That means you can give out admin and super admin is like a co-ownership sort of thing. Makes sense.

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Just something to think about… I asked Dave about adding a third rank during beta testing, and he mentioned that the admin rank is intended to be used as a co-owner rank…


Dozens of owners each server’s got. :stuck_out_tongue: