Ads crash game

Every time I watch an ad for time crystals the game crashes after the ad finishes, and I don’t get my TCs at all. :frowning:

What phone are you using? a Nokia 1 (or anything in its context)?

A Samsung galaxy j7 crown (quite the mouthful of a name).

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This has Ben happening I suggest contacting Milla

Actually you should contact noodlecake studios since your on Android. milla deals with iOS
(I’m pretty sure)

alright, will do

Make sure to be patient when sending an email to them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, Android stuff is nothing to do with me. I will help Android players with general stuff, but anything specific to Android, such as crash bugs, has to go to the Android developer.

If you pause the game, and tap on HELP/CREDITS, then scroll down to Support, you will find a link to email them. Be sure to reply to their auto-response, if it doesn’t contain the solution to your problem. Otherwise they will assume it did and the problem is gone.