Adult Game Ad plays from watching a video for TC


An 18+ game ad played several times when watching a video for Time Crystals.
The game is called “Scatter Slots”.

This ad for an 18+ game should not be playing within a 14+ game such as Blockheads.
Just posting here as a bug. I know that it’s pretty difficult to control what ads play but maybe a complaint can be lodged with Vungle or whoever runs these ads now.


I don’t think any gambling game adds should be played on 14+ games, especially ones for the type of game you are talking about.


I sometimes keep getting Ads that are slot games which is clearly gambling. I believe these ads must be controlled.


By Vungle?


The usual procedure for reporting inappropriate ads is to email or PM me about them. It’s not a bug or glitch. It’s bad tagging by the ad provider.

By the way, Apple or Android, and can you tell me which ad provider it is?


for me: Apple


Thanks. Is your OS fairly up-to-date, i.e. can you update to the latest build of The Blockheads?


Mine is and I get those ads as well(I also have Apple OS, also sorry to barge in)


Not barging. Anyone who sees these ads can help by letting me know whether they’re Apple or Android, up-to-date, and if you can see, whether it’s Vungle or Chartboost.


I can’t really answer the last one as I have no clue what that means, sorry >_>


• iOS 12.1.2
• yes, app version 1.7.4


I just got the ad twice in a row in the past 10 minutes! At least I got 40tc though ,_,”


Is your device running a recent iOS version?


Yes it is, it’s 12.1.4


In that case, is February 7th, 2019 recent enough?


I’m sorry? What does that mean?


iOS 12.1.4 was released on that date. I should’ve clarified.


Anything compatible with the latest version of the game is recent enough.