Advanced Building Items Wishlist

These items aren’t craft able, they can only be bought from special level 7 portals if advanced building items are allowed in custom rules. On servers, only admins and the owner can have level 7 portals, or advanced building tools. Level 7 portals also allow you to buy benches. Upgrading a trade portal to level 7 costs nothing, but once again, only admins can do it. Level 7 trade portals can be downgraded for free.

  1. The golden bucket
    This bucket places water in a 11x11 area, and it never runs out. This is for making artificial lakes, because those are really hard to make using tin buckets.

  2. Railroad layer
    This item lays down a 3 block tall 30 block long tunnel in the direction it’s placed. It also puts railroad at the bottom of that tunnel.

  3. Drill
    The drill will dig a tunnel straight down to lava, forming a trash chute.

  4. Any caged animal
    When advanced building tools is on, you can buy cages that contain any combination of animals, from tamed dodo, to tamed rainbow unicorn, to wild cave troll, etc.

  5. Fertilizer
    Fertilizer turns all the dirt in a 11x11 radius into compost. This is helpful because most servers want to decorate their spawn with compost instead of dirt.

  6. Floating block
    This block looks like a bubble, but the special thing is it doesn’t need to be placed by another block; you can place it in empty air.

  7. Barriers
    There’s two variants of this block. There’s up to down barrier, which blocks off a 1 block wide 5 blocks tall area. You can adjust how much land it blocks. Side to side barrier is the same, but it’s side to side.

  8. Taming treat
    The taming treat instantly tames any animal, and it sets the stats of tamed animals to max.

  9. Golden feeder chest
    You can’t store anything in the golden feeder chest, but if any animals walk by it, it fills their hunger bar, and if it’s a wild animal, it resets their age meter, preventing them from dying of old age.

  10. Place tree
    If you use the place leaves tool to a empty space next to a tree, it’ll place leaves that vary depending on which tree you placed it next to. If you use the place trunk tool, it’ll turn leaves into tree trunk covered in leaves. And the leaf tool, which turns tree trunk into leaf blocks. This does work on gem trees and cactus.

  11. Natural blocks
    When advanced building tools has been turned on, you can buy blocks like unmined stone, ore blocks, and fake time crystal blocks from the trade portal. You can even buy mineable lava blocks.

  12. Unnatural blocks
    Building tools allows you buy blocks that shouldn’t exist, like floating water, water that falls forever, and blocks that burn forever.

  13. Modification blocks
    These blocks are invisible, and people can place blocks and objects on top of them, but they have different effects on the area it’s placed in. There are different types of them, like pvp block, which when placed in a pvp world, people can’t pvp in that area. It’s vice versa in no pvp worlds. There’s animal nests, which when placed on an animal spawn, causes animals to spawn a lot on that block. For example, if you place one on an apple tree, dodos will spawn like crazy on that apple tree block. There’s also modification blocks that change the climate of the area around it, like cold blocks, heat blocks, wind blocks, and more. Modification blocks can stack on top of other modification blocks, but you can’t place two of the same modification blocks on the same block.

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you say these items will be unattainable except for admins and owners, so does that mean normal players wouldn’t be able to cage animals anymore? or would the animals be the exception?

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Normal players can get normal caged animals, but not untamed aggressive caged animals.

A rogue admin could easily destroy a server with that kind of power.

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Evil thoughts ensue*

This would help a lot of builders, especially natural blocks.

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You could also set it to “owner only”.

This bucket sucks up all of the water in a 11x11 area, and it never fills up.

I don’t know if this a considered a building item but I think something like an anvil from minecraft would be useful.
Like a tool repair workbench.
The durability would increase depending on how many ingots you use to repair the tool.

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That is a good idea, but this suggestion is about building tools used for preparing the map for players who will use it.

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Then I guess maybe blocks like command blocks?
e.g. /fill x y coord x2 y2 coord to fill large spaces
or /fill air x y coord x2 y2 coord to empty large spaces
i guess this is like a more expanded version of the railroad layer tool and the drill tool

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