Advanced User tutorial

Since people were abusing @discobot he left so anyone who joined after Jan 2018 couldn’t earn this badge.
Could Milla or majic.dave code him to not take part in forum games topics?

Here are some commands normal users can do:
@discobot fortune
@discobot roll
@discobot delete post
@discobot start user tortorial

Administers and moderaters:
@discobot close thread (thread name)
@discobot ban (name)
@discobot unban (name)

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What an awesome tortorial!

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What is discobot? I have never heard of it

Forum bot who helped you learn how the forum works.
Was brutally murdered according to @milla because people were using his actions for games like using him as a dice for like rpg games, using his fortune action for fun and other minor things

Actually, I believe it was more because milla simply didn’t like the bot, not because she was a fun-killer.

The deep, dark horrible truth of the innocent little baby discobots death


It has been confirmed that discobot was murdered by milla AND dave. It was an unfair fight we will always remember him.
He will be in our hearts and we will never forget her


In loving memory of @discobot

Don’t forget the dog. :upside_down_face:

Dog? @discodog

DiscoCat, and only,