A transport vehicle that acts like a combination between a train and a jetpack able to hold a set ammount of players and cargo.
The building price should be:
1 freight car
2 jet engines
20 carbon fiber sheets
5 wings
and a cockpit item made from:
5 black glass
3 steel blocks
50 wires.
This would add a new end point to any players adventure.


Just a few questions, here goes:

  1. How would it move?
  2. ie. Would it use the arrow pad at the bottom of the screen?
  3. And also how big is it? Because it might be a little hard to manuver around buildings if it is really big.
  4. How many people would it carry?
  5. Why can you not just use jet packs or trains to get around?

How would this work?

I suspect something close to tilting as a means for controlling and a landing strip. Turns into a dropped item if it crashes into something and has a duration and fuel meter.

It will move via tilting or arrow during landscape.
The size would be 3 tall 5 wide and it would hold 4 people it would be easier to transport a group with the aeroplane and you don’t require track to run it.


It will take a huge area tho