Ailes (opening in 1.7)


I will not vote in this poll either lol I have to stop myself



Also, we may be moving the release date.


Yea haven’t decided the official release date yet but even if I pull an all nighter and I have school to do tomorrow have to go to the library early


Awesome, I will definitely join!


I’m winning so far! :smiley:


I think that the voting will end on easter


Can you provide a link to the world
I can’t find the server (again)


It has not opened yet



i was going to announce the co owner today please vote if you havent


Vote for me! I spent high effort typing two names! :lol:

Please do not duplicate votes in any way.


co owner will be announced at 8 cst 3 mins from now vote now if you havent

(ill edit this)





ok so i will keep working even harder this summer ill have my phone soon are yall still wanting the server to open??

  • yes
  • no

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the poll will close on its own

Good servers anyone?

HYPE! :smiley:


Sound really nice! Just joined discord server! :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the opening!


How is June 22nd at 12 pm cst? It’s on a Friday

  • Sounds good
  • Idk If I can make it
  • Can’t make it
  • Don’t care

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I just noticed all of those servers and friends…


Ok so I still don’t have my ign yet server might not open till later in the year I wanted to open it this summer maybe Christmas break because people can be active especially Idk


Release date when


i still dont have my ign back