Ailes (opening in 1.7)


So how’s it going with ailes?


Still waiting for my ign to be fixed


Hey Hailey. I’m back on blockheads. My iPad completely shutdown and I haven’t been able to play blockheads for months. I hope I’m still able to be on the ailed team and I’m sorry for leaving u without warning


You are don’t worry


Yay thanks, I also have a new ign I’m pretty sure it’s Keiraiscoolio998 if you wanted to add me

#87 If anyone wants to apply for staff fill out that form and I’ll check for responses every or almost every day and respond hopefully the same day or the same week it depends how busy I am


So hard to get your IGN back…


Yea I’m still waiting on milla


Can I get a join link?


The server has not opened yet


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