Welcome to Ailes!

When spawned, craft baskets using your sticks at the craft bench in spawn.

This is a underwater theme server, with challenges to the left and shops to the right! You spawn in a maze to begin.

Before you begin your journey on Alies, please do read our rules.

News and Events!

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Breaking a rule can be or lead to a kick or a ban. Report those breaking the rules using the report button.

▪️Keep everything appropriate, which is your language in chat, name, writing on signs, and avatar! Blockheads is a game not a dating site.

▪️Any glitches or hacks good and/or bad will result in a ban! This includes NO duplicating, god-mode, super-shops and any other glitches, mods, exploits, and hacks! Use of pirated time crystals (TC Safes) are also not allowed.

▪️Do not create lag in any way! Littering, duplicating, or greifing is not allowed.

▪️Do not craft your own trade portal. It is only available to staff. Use the shops right of spawn.

▪️We do not give out free stuff such as starter kits. So don't ask for handouts, your spawn items ARE your starter.

▪️ Do not ask for staff position. Only trustworthy and helpful people will have a chance to be an admin/mod.

▪️Do not spam chat, use ALL CAPS in many messages, or advertise your servers please!

▪️Please do not use safes or cabinets unless your admin. If your admin they must be for admin purposes only.

▪️Be nice, and considerate of others. Follow these rules...

Staff Rules and Info
♦️ Mods & Admins: Be helpful and enforce the rules.

♦️ Mods & Admins: Whenever kicking someone for breaking the rules/not listening, please use the /warm command. This will ban the player after multiple warnings!

♦️ Admins: You may restock shops in the shop area. Replace the shop, collect profit and restock using trade portals.

♦️ Admins: You are not to admin/mod others.

♦️ Admins: You have access to "everything free" trade portals. Please disable them when finished using.


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Our Discord Server

About the Server and Things to Do!

Challenge: SkyBlock Survival

Just like Minecraft, we have Skyblock here! Left of spawn, up a tall elevator is there! You receive an island, and a starter including: 99 Gravel, 5 Gold Coins, 5 Oil Lanterns, some tools, a sluice, and a Workbench! You are not to bring any items in along with you, or go past your ownership sign limit! There is a shop selling your needs, and you can meditate for items.


Since trade portals are only for admins, shopping is available right of spawn. ▶️
Each island includes a category of items.


  • The_Fading_Star gave this world to HaileyJoyChannel as a Christmas present. Spawn made by The_Fading_Star.

  • This welcome message was made by GoodGradesBoy.

  • Thank your players and staff for building up the server!

    Do /code beentherereadthat

    For a reward

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    Can I get a link to the Discord server? Link’s not there. My IGN is titandh. Thanks! :slight_smile:


    It’s not whitelisted it’s just private


    U have been in the staff pm for a while


    I was going to say you should make it look like Rapture from Bioshock (but less survival horror-y) with great underwater skyscrapers and a practically maze-like amount of connection points and passageways. Then I realised it was already developed, would take a huge amount of work to do and create ridiculous lag.

    But I said it anyways, so I guess much of the above paragraph is now invalid…


    You can take me out of the co-owner poll. I have no desire to be it.


    Ooh, looking forward to this. I used to have an ocean world server, I love the underwater theme. Can’t wait!


    can i have an invite link?


    I’ll put in help if needed


    Cool this would be really awesome when it opened


    I am happy to see this server progressing. :slight_smile:

    I still have the pole items, if you want I can give them to you. The server looks nice, if you need help with anything, feel free to ask. :cheerful:

    If you see one of my friends, could you please tell them I gave the server to you, and I am working on a new server? Also, could you ask them to check the forums sometimes, because I may make a thread for the server? They don’t have a forums account so it’s kinda hard to contact them.


    I can’t add anyone to the staff chat yet lily lost one computers mouse battery and I can’t find my laptop


    Some of the pictures remind me of neverland.


    I can’t believe I didn’t see this. So this was what you were working on, looks great! Could you put me under consideration for staff (even mod)?


    discord chat:

    Edit: here’s some updates

    I’m working on making racing :wink:

    Edit: more pics!!!


    Sand dollar shop:

    20 sand dollars = 1 protection sign

    30 sand dollars = a stack of fuel

    40 sand dollars = coustom join trigger

    40 sand dollars = coustom leave trigger

    50 sand dollars = mystery safe! The prizes could be anything

    the protection sign offer is only valid right of spawn in the sky or after you finish all the challenges left of spawn


    oh hey there’s me (Dichrif)


    @GoodGradesBoy I’ll add you to the staff pm soon (after I add u the bot will be on)


    News: Poll
    We have a new poll. See lower for new poll.

    Don’t forget to vote for our co-owner! The one with most votes the day it opens becomes co-owner!
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