Welcome to Ailes!

When spawned, craft baskets using your sticks at the craft bench in spawn.

This is a underwater theme server, with challenges to the left and shops to the right! You spawn in a maze to begin.

Before you begin your journey on Alies, please do read our rules.

News and Events!

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Breaking a rule can be or lead to a kick or a ban. Report those breaking the rules using the report button.

▪️Keep everything appropriate, which is your language in chat, name, writing on signs, and avatar! Blockheads is a game not a dating site.

▪️Any glitches or hacks good and/or bad will result in a ban! This includes NO duplicating, god-mode, super-shops and any other glitches, mods, exploits, and hacks! Use of pirated time crystals (TC Safes) are also not allowed.

▪️Do not create lag in any way! Littering, duplicating, or greifing is not allowed.

▪️Do not craft your own trade portal. It is only available to staff. Use the shops right of spawn.

▪️We do not give out free stuff such as starter kits. So don't ask for handouts, your spawn items ARE your starter.

▪️ Do not ask for staff position. Only trustworthy and helpful people will have a chance to be an admin/mod.

▪️Do not spam chat, use ALL CAPS in many messages, or advertise your servers please!

▪️Please do not use safes or cabinets unless your admin. If your admin they must be for admin purposes only.

▪️Be nice, and considerate of others. Follow these rules...

Staff Rules and Info
♦️ Mods & Admins: Be helpful and enforce the rules.

♦️ Mods & Admins: Whenever kicking someone for breaking the rules/not listening, please use the /warm command. This will ban the player after multiple warnings!

♦️ Admins: You may restock shops in the shop area. Replace the shop, collect profit and restock using trade portals.

♦️ Admins: You are not to admin/mod others.

♦️ Admins: You have access to "everything free" trade portals. Please disable them when finished using.


World Thread on Forums

Our Discord Server

About the Server and Things to Do!

Challenge: SkyBlock Survival

Just like Minecraft, we have Skyblock here! Left of spawn, up a tall elevator is there! You receive an island, and a starter including: 99 Gravel, 5 Gold Coins, 5 Oil Lanterns, some tools, a sluice, and a Workbench! You are not to bring any items in along with you, or go past your ownership sign limit! There is a shop selling your needs, and you can meditate for items.


Since trade portals are only for admins, shopping is available right of spawn. ▶️
Each island includes a category of items.


  • The_Fading_Star gave this world to HaileyJoyChannel as a Christmas present. Spawn made by The_Fading_Star.

  • This welcome message was made by GoodGradesBoy.

  • Thank your players and staff for building up the server!

    Do /code beentherereadthat

    For a reward


    Can I get a link to the Discord server? Link’s not there. My IGN is titandh. Thanks! :slight_smile:

    It’s not whitelisted it’s just private

    U have been in the staff pm for a while

    I was going to say you should make it look like Rapture from Bioshock (but less survival horror-y) with great underwater skyscrapers and a practically maze-like amount of connection points and passageways. Then I realised it was already developed, would take a huge amount of work to do and create ridiculous lag.

    But I said it anyways, so I guess much of the above paragraph is now invalid…

    You can take me out of the co-owner poll. I have no desire to be it.

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    Ooh, looking forward to this. I used to have an ocean world server, I love the underwater theme. Can’t wait!

    can i have an invite link?

    I’ll put in help if needed

    Cool this would be really awesome when it opened

    I am happy to see this server progressing. :slight_smile:

    I still have the pole items, if you want I can give them to you. The server looks nice, if you need help with anything, feel free to ask. :cheerful:

    If you see one of my friends, could you please tell them I gave the server to you, and I am working on a new server? Also, could you ask them to check the forums sometimes, because I may make a thread for the server? They don’t have a forums account so it’s kinda hard to contact them.


    I can’t add anyone to the staff chat yet lily lost one computers mouse battery and I can’t find my laptop

    Some of the pictures remind me of neverland.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this. So this was what you were working on, looks great! Could you put me under consideration for staff (even mod)?

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    discord chat:

    Edit: here’s some updates

    I’m working on making racing :wink:

    Edit: more pics!!!

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    Sand dollar shop:

    20 sand dollars = 1 protection sign

    30 sand dollars = a stack of fuel

    40 sand dollars = coustom join trigger

    40 sand dollars = coustom leave trigger

    50 sand dollars = mystery safe! The prizes could be anything

    the protection sign offer is only valid right of spawn in the sky or after you finish all the challenges left of spawn

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    oh hey there’s me (Dichrif)

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    @GoodGradesBoy I’ll add you to the staff pm soon (after I add u the bot will be on)

    News: Poll
    We have a new poll. See lower for new poll.

    Don’t forget to vote for our co-owner! The one with most votes the day it opens becomes co-owner!
    Vote Here:

    Should we do another poll for the top votes?

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