Frater isn’t on the voting list…


Lol u have to be admin first

Also ggb I forgot to ask you to add Rosie and bekah their igns are Rosie posie 101 and bekah blue 101

(And y’all can vote for cg that was temporary)


POLL: Who should be co-owner?

This is a new poll with added people. Please vote again, Thanks!

And for those who get the most votes, should we do another poll?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Sneak Peak: SkyBlock
Made/Idea by: GoodGradesBoy


Anyone wanna guess what the final total of ice torches will be? Lol but seriously why won’t it all freeze :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


You need to pray to cave trolls before ice torches will provide their most use.


Yea it’s really laggy rn cos some ice melted


Oh, my, GOD that’s a lot of ice torches. That’ll freeze u from the inside out


My guess is 6,000 ICE TORCHES!


I also feel like people are voting differently in the new poll… maybe because of my SkyBlock.
Never mind, it was all part of my MASTER PLAN!


U can have a link just fly over the maze the path is still painted and i need to get back to working on it I decided to take a break on it to work on other stuff (I might just whitelist the server)


After waiting for ever it’s frozen now to drain the rest then dig!!! And then figure out how I’m goin make sure people stay alive lol


You can place steam generators in a pattern, I can do it for you when you’re finished draining all the water…I mean…after 3 years.


If you’re aiming to drain, doors work well.


I believe we are using doors by connecting it with the ice…


There are also ocean draining block builds if you can find them


I still haven’t fully drained it yet anyone wanna help? Lol


I’ve got time to kill.


EEWW Remove that part.




Final call to vote for co-owner!


Vote for Br!