@GoodGradesBoy your winning so farrrr


Yeah I voted for GGB since theres a message dont change it without hailey and ggb permission HAHAHA no offence just a (fan opinion or fact😂)


We didn’t have a co-owner yet sooo we put that because Hailey is the owner and I made the Welcome Message. :smiley:


I’m losing…


You have 11 votes lol while everyone have 0 or 1 HAHAHA


Uh guys… you can vote more than once :stuck_out_tongue:
Serious flaw- switch to other platform? :thinking:

edit: Opps on my end, nvm!


The player rules section only has 183 words. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should also be less descriptive of them. ._.



Congratulations @GoodGradesBoy!


Yeah Congrats GGB winning the promotion :joy:


It’s not over yet.

We still having to do ‘another won’


Will be doing another one for top votes.

Vote for Co-Owner!!!


(I had this idea before but forgot to put a poll so I’ll do it now while I remember)

Should we do a themed contest each week have a new theme that you build to in a contest there would be a spot set aside starts every Sunday ends every Saturday poll is up from that Saturday to the next like week 1 starts Sunday ok then ends Saturday week 2 starts the day after week 1 ends when week 2 ends the poll for week 1 ends and a new one starts the theme would be something to do with underwater maybe underwater plants or a movie placed underwater or a part of the ocean etc
(If you don’t understand please tell me)

Is this a good idea and would you participate? (If at least 10 people say they will participate then Ill think of theme ideas I’m not sure when I’ll close the poll so vote quickly)

  • I would participate
  • I wouldn’t participate but I’d vote on the polls
  • Bad idea
  • Eh don’t like the idea but I’d vote on the polls

0 voters


I might anticipate depending on if I have time. :confused:


Pre release video on my yt channel is done!


Who should be co-owner? FINALE
Do not duplicate votes.

Vote Here:


I will not vote in this poll either lol I have to stop myself



Also, we may be moving the release date.


Yea haven’t decided the official release date yet but even if I pull an all nighter and I have school to do tomorrow have to go to the library early


Awesome, I will definitely join!