@Sugarflop @Celadon @I544C @Legoboy70 y’all come on




Fun opening party!! No one came till I was about to leave so I didn’t get pictures @bilingual came at about 11 and stayed with me thanks bestie​:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


awesome server peeps defo pop in, you will see some friendly faces !


I was on when some new players were, played around in the server. Sad I wasn’t there when you guys were but still very fun :slight_smile: 5/5 server check it out


Thanks guys also the games are always open we didn’t have enough people to play that stayed long enough to play and If you see mods on don’t worry I will have an alt that is not mod or admin and I ain’t even telling porky so if there’s ever a hacker and a mod or admin ain’t on and someone else is on i might be on



I gave y’all warning


b u t     i     c o u l d n ’ t    s e e     i t     i n     t i m e



I’ve hit the max servers I can join. Which is I think 200?

Anyways, my point is I have a lot of Discord servers which I have joined.


I’m on the server if anyone wants to join and listening to music on discord my phone is 16 percent though


Hey guys lets make the server more active i will try and be more active


i search the server but it never shows up can i have link


Weird what are you searching its public here is the link


If you have filled out the staff form after 8/8/2017 i did not get it please fill out this new form i can get responses on


Every Friday from 6 to 7 CST Hailey will host a bible study! Come out… and study the Bible! (Sorry, not sure what you do at a bible study :joy:)


If anyone cares and still wants to do this weeks dm me on discord tonight no one showed up and i couldn’t wait it was either people showed up or i did it alone so if anyone wants to do it with me please tell me


Everyone remember that it starts at 6 cst!!! Tonight!!!


Hey guys I jumped on today real quick on my new phone just to see if anyone was on lol working on getting my ign merged


Glad to have you back so quickly!