Yay! Glad your back also we are going to have either weekly or monthly events possibly so heres a poll

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Neither

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I think weekly would be awesome if we could make it happen. If not maybe every other week?


Im thinking about maybe every Friday at 5 because the Bible study is at 6 so people could hopefully come to both or at least one


Why is religion banned in the blockheads?


It just is. Maybe @milla can explain.


oh, ok


IMO banning talk of a bible study being hosted on an independent server would be pretty excessive. if people dont want to come, they dont have to…


It’s not like she’s holding the Bible studies on these forums. She’s announcing that there are bible studies on her server — for which this thread is about. If you can’t click on a server thread without getting offended, maybe you shouldn’t (click on the thread).


Religion on a cloud world is fine. It’s on our social channels that I don’t permit it. You can say in your world thread that your world is a religion-themed one, and that religious chat and activities will happen there. You just can’t run a religious discussion here.

Most corporate social channels enforce such rules. Religion, politics, and sex/gender topics are off the table. The reason for this is it has no relevance to the business in hand, and tends to result in offence, as online channels are generally frequented by people from a wide range of nations, cultures, and religions, and what is fine in one person’s eyes can be highly offensive in someone else’s. No business wants it’s official channels to turn into flame-pits!


Don’t forget about Bible study tonight!!!

Edit: if we have it because I have dress rehearsal just show up just in case


Vote in the discord please before Christmas


Every week we will have events join to know what event it is starts this week

December 18, 2018 12:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 17, 2018 3:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)

The 2018 Blockheads Advent Calendar
The 2018 Blockheads Advent Calendar

Ok here is the plan as far as Christmas im gonna put a poll if you vote that you want to participate you have to and if you can’t tell me immediately don’t tell another admin just me and someone else will get that person someone will get two people or someone but just note everybody is expecting a gift friday come on to find out who you get

  • I want to participate
  • I don’t want to participate

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Secret Santa is what we are doing


So after it runs out I am not adding more unless people want to be active I might revive one of my old servers or something but yea