Airplane idea

i spend a hour in this post

ewafe was gone crazy agaon

My idea
Cridet: ewafeweaoo,pickchu plus

First airplane in blockheads
a b787 dreamliner

first craft a airplane hanger

you need 30 iorn iigiot in workbenth



then make a fuel (jetpack fuel) engine and a fuel storger

fuel storger
10 iorn igiot at metalwork benth


20 iorn igiot
30 copper wire
1 engine for aircraft(roll royce for now)
at hanger

engine for aircraft(roll royce)

10 iorn igiot
10 jet engine(for jetpack)

aircraft body

50 iorn igiot
5 glass
20 windo
10 wood
20 titium igiot
20 wires
at hanger

wings (boing 787)

20 iorn igiot
10 titium igiot

boing 787

5 fuel storger (for 30 fuel points)
2 wing for boing 787
1 aircraft body
2 roll royce engine
10 copper wire
10 iorn igiot
at aicraft hanger


use geyo on elt- just like boat and handcar.but much harder

boat/handcar doing
for speed
this plane will fly in above 100 block on blockheads

passger cap

10 people/dream liner

size- a b787



no errow in blockhead airplane
if polight want crash, he can
if crashed. everyone on abord are rip


able to see inside the airplane

fuel coustumeing

1 fuel point/ 30 sec

would it be useful?

yes. it make blockheads more relistic and it will replace steam locomite(if you can.)


it sound good but it can be a troll manchine
a troll polight can kill blockheads on that airplane because it want to crash that plane

what will be look like

i only have a idea here

any prob, ask mee


Unfortunately I don’t know what you need help with, but please don’t double post within one hour (as many of others have already said).

That would require a lot of crafting…after making one airplane, people would just duplicate which is not good.

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how? simpleliy remove these gliches , so glicher wont get free tc
people gave people tc safes
plus jetpack need lot of craft too (answer) then people just buy them

Look, I’m not talking about TC, where did you get that?
Yeah, the developers could remove the glitches, but someone else may find a new way to duplicate.

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just keep update until there no way to do it
if you want see full vision. go to airplane idea 2

Theredstonemc if you are saying “just remove the glitches” you clearly have never made it programmed a game before, and if you wanted planes to work properly, the dynamics, velocity, angular velocity, terminal, GPE, all that would need to be calculated as well as a smooth hit box because I’m pretty sure it would just clip through some things, as we have only seen jet packs and solar panels as high tech, I don’t think aeroplanes will be such a step but rather a leap in technology, this could ruin the flow of the game.


I have an idea,
Jet packs can replace planes. :wink:

Hey @theredstonemc
It’s not like boom , see we can remove glitch less than 5 minutes. No, this game is a program that @majicDave created and it not very easy to do. Also we’re not allow to talk about Tc and hacks.

They will probably make small planes
Like cessnas
20 copper mixed with tin ingots
Propeller(1 Iron Ingot)

The planes will look like the ones in pocket planes probably