What do you guys think of AirPods?

I am considering getting a pair. Anyone got any better options?

Short post but thanks in advance

AirPods are clearly a way for Apple to get more money. They removed the headphone jack to make more profit.

(Of course, this is sarcasm)

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I’ve always joked with my friends that people with AirPods are poor, because they can’t afford the wire that comes with regular ear buds.


Mine are great, I love them. Great sound quality, they charge super quickly! Literally, a few seconds in their charging case will get them at least another hour of play time.

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The new ones have less latency while playing games.

Air pods are good for exercise, since they don’t fall that easily.
I don’t have them tho…
They were made more affordable for people that can’t pay the wire.

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You can use Live Listen and leave your phone in the other room… and spy on other people :eyes:


@Ziameter :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

@PorkyTheChop thanks for the feedback, definitely will try to spy on people

@WumboJumbo definitely gonna enjoy it while playing games

@OBITOWANKENOBI I read somewhere that AirPods are not good for exercise because they are not waterproof and fall out easily

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I love my airpods but honestly I miss the wires saving my phone when I accidentally drop it


Short and sweet: I LOVE mine.

They’re a bit pricey, so I watched a few reviews and tutorials about them on YouTube before I bought them, just to be sure they were something I really wanted. Have you watched any? I recommend doing that.

One slight inconvenience is that there is no volume control on them. It’s nice to have your AirPods in and not have to have your phone near by, but if you want to change the volume, you gotta be able to get to your phone. But they’re still great. I use them a lot these days. ^-^

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I think that they’re meant for other types of exercise.

It depends on your ear shape.



I found an alternative for the AirPods

I’m just watching some YouTube videos to check out reviews.

Anyone has bought this pair of earphones?

Someone give me some opinions


I’m old-school, so I still use normal earbuds. (And they still work just fine :wink:)

So personally, I won’t be buying AirPods anytime soon.

I prefer regular headsets and phones. I just bought a few adaptors so they can plug into my phone.

People who said that their earbuds that catches their phone when they drop it is just no. (Not to be rude) But like when i drop my phone, it still falls to the ground. cries in poverty

That price reduction might attract more people to buy a pair of AirPods.

Magic like you’ve never heard.


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So these are just padded AirPods (the part that goes in your ear)

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes I’ve looked at them and into them that’s all I’m really getting from them seems like a waste to me but that’s just me :man_shrugging: