Alec's Dodo breeding project

Hello there fellas! I’m Alec, an Old player of The Blockheads!

Right after the update, i quickly tried to find eggs

And i found a Wood egg! Which is as common as a standard egg

Because of that, I’ve been thinking of breeding eggs and find all the eggs!

But the progress is pretty slow, but I’ve made progress!

Alright, this is what I did

Create an Apple farm. And if possible, place them and let them grow to a Compost to make them grow apples even faster

Second, is to create a feeder chest. But its better to not place apples on them first. Because its better to tame the dodos

Phase 1: Normal Dodo test

I placed 4 normal dodo eggs and wait them to hatch. When they do, i feed the Dodo chicks with apples. Each of them can be fed 2 times, and when they have grown, feed them another apple so you can tame them

when you successfully tamed all of the Dodos, then this is the right time to place a feeder chest

Untamed Dodo dies quickly. So its better to do the basics before placing a feeder chest

After an hour of test, the Normal Dodos lays
Normal egg
Wood Egg
Dirt egg
Stone egg (Rare!)
Clay egg

Phase 2: Wood Dodo test

Do the basics ( Taming them) and then wait for them to lay eggs. Its better to keep them for an hour ( Real time ) to see their true capabilities

The Wooden Dodo Lays
Normal Egg
Wooden Egg

Phase 3: Dirt Dodo test
Do the basics.
Dirt Dodo lays
Normal Egg
Dirt Egg
Flint egg
Compost Egg

Phase 4: Clay Dodo Test
I only spent a Little time to this test. But i got
Red Brick Egg
Clay Egg

Phase 5: Flint Dodo test
Spent time on them and they lay
Flint Egg
Coal Egg (Rare!)
Dirt Egg

Phase 6: Stone Dodo
The Dodo i spent the most

They lay beautiful eggs!
Limestone egg
Normal Egg
Gravel egg
Copper egg (Rare!)
Amethyst egg (super rare!)

Phase 7: Coal Dodo test
Also the Type of dodo that i spent time on.

They lay
Oil eggs
Flint Eggs
Coal Eggs

Phase 8: Limestone Dodo test
Stone egg
Limestone egg (rare!)
Marble Egg

Seriously. The limestone dodo lays limestone egg rarely

Phase 9: Copper Dodo test
Pretty Dodos with Copper block body

Copper egg (Rare!)
Tin Egg

Phase 10: Gravel dodo test
Cute dodos with awesome bodies. They lay

Gravel eggs
Sand eggs (Verrryyyy Common)

Phase 11: Tin Dodo test

Another beautify metal dodo!
Tin Egg
Copper egg
Stone egg
Iron Egg! (Very rare!)

Phase 12: Sand Dodo Test
Yellow dodos that always lay sand eggs -_-
Sand egg
Black sand Egg! (Rare)
Gravel egg
Sandstone egg (rare!)

Phase 13: Marble Dodo test
White dodos :smiley:
Marble Egg
Red Marble egg! (Rare!)

Phase 14: Amethyst Gem Dodo Test!
Dodos that has a Gem block body. Killing a Gem dodo ( Amethyst - Diamond ) only gives a Gem Shard! ( Amethyst Shard - Diamond Shard )

Stone Egg
Amethyst Egg
Sapphire Egg! (Rare!)

Phase 15: Oil Dodo Test

Weird looking dodos that rarely lays eggs
Oil Egg
Fuel Egg! (Very Rare!)

Phase 16: Black Sand Dodo test
Black dodos!!
Sand egg
Black Sand Egg
Black Glass egg!

Phase 17: Sandstone Dodo test
Sand Egg
Sandstone Egg
Glass Egg

This is my 7th Edit!

I’m still doing test! So stay tuned!


Good reaserch, Theanos. :slight_smile:

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I updated it, sire :slight_smile:

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How do you have a different coloured name?

Huh? I do? I dunno :thinking:



Great research! How many times did you repeat each test?

One time only, but i always let the time slide to collect the Dodo’s real egg laying capabilities!

I updated it BTW!

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Very nice! This has clearly been well thought out!

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No, not stone

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You are doing pretty great.
Well let me know if you have too much trouble obtaining a certain egg type. I can help you complete your collection.

Is this test still ongoing? I’m trying to breed dodos in my world right now and want to know if I can follow this post

Considering how there have been no updates to this test in more than three years, I think we can safely assume that it has long since ended. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.
This experiment is long gone. The maker of it has not been seen since 2018.

Actually, they haven’t been seen since November 9.

Hm something is wrong on my end then

Look at their profile.

I did. It said seen 2018. I am sure I checked seen