Aliens and space


I think you should be able to craft a space ship or UFO. You should also be able to go into space and be able to see and walk on planets. The aliens would be like cave trolls. The will drop their metalic cloths and you can get money from them. You can steal their UFO wich they stand next to at all times unless they are chasing you. They can kill you in three hits, but, if you tame one whith platenum coins(15 feeds) you can float (cos why not). You can also go into space by making a tower or using a jet pack. You should be able to craft an oxygen tank in metal work bench out of five steel ingots and 10 copper wire(for the hose thingy) then you could craft oxygen in the refinery out of one oxygen tank and one bucket of water. You can also find gems and stars (which would be used like gems or dimonds) on the planets and all around space. You would also need to wear cloths so you dont freeze. The alians would spawn on planets. They should be only one alien on each planet. If you tame an alien they will follow you every where and they are great swimmers. You also cant cage them. Please reply and tell me what you think😄


Platinum coins? Gold coins? What kind of coins?


Just any. They might drop 10 of each maybe. Just depends.


Cool idea!


As this is a great idea with only Dave working on it plus he is currently working on sapiens ( I keep up with stuff) that it would take ages blockheads and sapient are classified as indie games bc they were developed by one person but out of pure curiosity what weapon would the alien have