All About Jobs (at Trade Portals)



1.7 introduced jobs at trade portals. If you’ve been to a trade portal since, you’ve inevitably seen the large “Job Listings” button that sits above the buy, sell, and remove buttons. But what are jobs? What’s the purpose of them?

Jobs Overview/Walkthrough

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Simply put, jobs are a way to acquire resources that otherwise might be rare, valuable, or even necessary (especially in servers). Have you ever been to a server and found no dirt for miles? Where food is almost mythical in its rarity because every tree has been destroyed already? No need to fear: employment is here!!

To get started, find a trade portal. Most servers (where trade portals are allowed) will have a trade portal somewhere near spawn. Tap it, and select the top option: “Job Listings”.

You’ll see a list here of nearly half a dozen options. Most of them will require a tool, but the first item on the list never does. Each job has a few details:

  • Reward - this is what you’ll get for completing the job. To view all available rewards, check out hte exhaustive list of rewards at the bottom of this post.
  • Need - this tells you what item will be required to complete the job
  • Time - this tells you how long the job will take
  • Availability - here you will be able to select “Go!” to begin the job, or there will be a red line of text indicating that you are missing something necessary to complete the job
  • Refresh timer - this timer lets you know when the next job will be available for you to take (when the reward will change next). To view the different times, check out the exhaustive list of rewards at the bottom of this post.

To begin a job, you’ll have to find one that you have the items for (and is available), and select “Go!” You can’t start a job that is being completed by another of your blockheads, or by one of your blockheads in another world.

The job will begin, and will take as long as the time indicated from the job selection menu. Like meditating, it will not be sped up by timelapse. If the job required a tool, that tool’s durability will be slightly depleted upon completion of the job. While you are waiting for your blockhead to work the job, you have two options: abort or use time crystals (a video ad may be available as well). (You can of course also use other blockheads.) Abort will cancel the job and return your items to you with no more damage than they had going in. Use will finish the job instantly.


When the job is finished, your blockhead will be waiting, and their icon will flash green. Tapping them will bring you back to the portal, and you can select the “Finish” button to bring your blockhead back into the world. Ta-da! You’ve successfully completed a job and earned some items!

When Should I Do Jobs?

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Jobs are beneficial for you at many times. Below are some of the most common times that you may find a job to be helpful:

  • Necessary Items
    Remember when I mentioned earlier that jobs could help you in a developed server? Here’s how. Many of the tier I job options available are for starter resources: stone, dirt, wood, flint, apples, clay, and more. These are resources that are often necessary for progression, but can be very difficult to find in a developed server, especially near spawn. Using a trade portal to help you out here is a great idea.
  • Occupy a Blockhead
    This one may surprise you a bit, but jobs are a great way to ‘get rid of’ your blockheads. They’re not dead, and they’re still helping you out… sort of. But you don’t need to provide any effort, the blockhead will come back with something (whether it’s useful or not), and you can focus on your other blockheads during this time. It’s a great alternative to meditating. But here’s the sneaky part: put your extra blockhead into a trade portal (job) in expert mode and you don’t have to worry about feeding them, making them sleep, or any of that other nonsense. And they might bring back food! While they’re busy, your other blockheads can sleep and the game can still enter timelapse. If you can’t or don’t want to care for them yet when their job is finished, you can just leave them in the portal (don’t tap finish) and the blockhead will stay out of our way!
  • Helpful/Rare Items
    Jobs aren’t only helpful as you enter a server. Iron and coal can be rare and valuable resources that get hard to find. If you’ve got that fifth blockhead, don’t be afraid to send him/her on a job to bring you back that stack of carbon! You may also find jobs for 10 titanium or platinum ore, and rarely a job for 50 time crystals will appear.
  • Going to Bed
    If you’re about to be getting off of your world for a while, you might as well find a useful job to set your blockhead to work on. It’s a great way to keep them occupied for a while while you’re completely hands-free. (10 bread for 12 hours - a great one to send them on while you sleep!)

Jobs in Your Server

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Policing Labor (Custom Rules and Jobs)
In the custom rules settings, you can set trade portals to buy only, sell only, buy and sell only, or jobs only. The first three will prevent jobs from being an option in your server, and the latter will make jobs the only use for trade portals in your server.

How can I use jobs to help my citizens?
The best way to use jobs effectively in your server is to make sure that they are available. You might want to have a trade portal (or a couple) at spawn or in the general area. For players more inclined to travel before collecting items, setting up a small protected building near poles/equators (and boxing in those clothing items for yourself :wink: ) with a portal and trade portal might not be a bad idea. Another way to facilitate job use is to make benches available so that new players can craft tools in order to complete higher tier jobs.
NOTE: If you are running a public expert mode server, you’re definitely going to need a trade portal near spawn at some point simply because resources won’t last. Flint and clay will be gone before you know it, and in order to draw in new people they’ve got to be able to at least make a workbench.

Exhaustive list of Jobs

Coming soon.

Tier I - Completion: 1 minute; Refresh: 1 minute
Tier II - Completion: 10 minutes; Refresh: 5 minutes
Tier III - Completion: 1 hour; Refresh: 30 minutes
Tier IV - Completion: 3 hours; Refresh: 1 hour
Tier V - Completion: 12 hours; Refresh: 6 hours


Q: Are job times affected by double-time?
A: I haven’t compared, but it shouldn’t be (@SomeRandomUser below confirms this).
Q: Do I have to upgrade my trade portal to unlock higher tier jobs?
A: Nope, all 5 tiers are available at a level one (1) trade portal.
Q: I can’t do a job “?” (<-- question mark makes it a question, not a statement)
A: You may find that you can’t complete a job if you have another blockhead working on the same job in another world; you have already completed that job and it has not yet refreshed since then; or you do not have the required item(s) to complete the job.

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Cool tips and guide @ErickMatrix I think you got all of the job in trade portal!


here are some things to add to your exhaustive list ( i will add to this as i see jobs.):

  • tier V:
    • 1 diamond for a steel pickaxe
    • 10 platinum for a steel pickaxe
    • 50 time crystals for a steel pickaxe


There are changes? I was thinking the 50 time crystal for 10plat coins…


Also, when a blockhead is occupied doing a job, they don’t keep other players from speeding up time while sleeping/meditating.
However, sped up time does not boost how fast your blockhead does a job.


I can’t do a 1, 3 or 12 hour job without closing the app, bease no progress is made when the app is closed. :frowning:


Jobs are not affected by double time


Thanks for the tips on jobs!


Multiple blockheads can do Job Listings at the trade portal too!


No worries, there’s already a partial list somewhere. I’m working on gathering and sorting that list when I have time. Once I’ve added content to the categories let me know if I missed anything. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Coffeeking99 Thank you, a couple small points that I meant to include but didn’t explain clearly enough. I’ve now

Already addressed in the OP.


You said maybe, and I wanted to confirm to you it wasn’t, bad wording on my part though


What happens to other blockheads during the 12 hours, will they stave?


Unless they’re busy, they probably disappear. If you leave a world with a BH crafting, that BH will continue crafting–but other BHs meditating or doing nothing disappear when you leave a world.


Thanks :slight_smile: