All Donkey Colors/Tiers and a Unicorn!

How do you get a unicorn?!
Breeding donkeys.

That’s it. Put two donkeys close to each other isolated by everyone else by one silly fence. Something like that–sometimes they just spawn and sometimes…they can breed without partners?
I don’t really have any tips, tricks, hints, guides, etc. for you, since it’s pretty basic (but just requires patience). Sometimes a donkey of the next color poofs and appears. Other times I seem to meditate for hours.
But one thing’s for sure is that every time I see a new color I become extremely excited and my patience is replenished. It’s pretty exciting.
So if you don’t want to ‘spoil the experience’ or something, don’t look at the pictures and get breeding!

...Colors of the Donkeys...

Well, first of all, we have normal grey donkeys that spawn from carrots. You don’t need a picture of that.
Then the order goes on.


These just popped up after I estabalished a so-so donkey farm.


While trying to breed these also just appeared.

Colors of the Rainbow! (In reverse)


Such a lovely blue. :blue_heart: Has to be one of my favorites.
I also screamed loudly, because it’s the first ‘unnatural’ looking donkey.

After this, I just put together two of whatever was the ‘latest’ color in a pen together and meditated. Took some tries for some of the colors. Quite a lot of tries…



I didn’t get separate pictures, because like five seconds after I got the green one with many tears and eons gone by, the yellow one popped up to compensate or something.


(You can also see a yellow intruder ruining the pic.)


:heart: Also one of my favorites, along with the blue!


Honestly, we should start with this color before blue, because that would make more sense, going in the order of rainbows.


Is pink ever in rainbows? I never see it…shoving it here anyway.

Got two pictures–one for the baby, and one for the adult, since the first baby pic was sort of…too small.

After the Rainbow…

After all that color, we wind up with a simple white donkey, and before the sun had completely rose, I got all excited and thought I got a unicorn. Nope.


Rainbow Donkey!!! [Got any better names? :stuck_out_tongue:]

Then the white donkeys come back with a blast with this colorful donkey, that literally looks like it has a rainbow stamped on! Also got false hope it was a unicorn.

I breeded and breeded these pretty fellas, but they just kept giving me more rainbow ones, or plain white ones. Until finally, I noticed the latest baby ‘donkey’ looked a little different than the average plain white…


Very different, actually, but just for fun I put the first unicorn that arrived next to a white donkey to compare.

No it doesn’t fly. Only the rainbow unicorns do. It just jumps very far, and depending on how you tilt your device, it’ll look/jump different(ly).
Is this what they call gliding?

And no, it doesn’t glide all wobbly like the line I drew with my finger to demonstrate. You can also do ‘double jumps’.
PS Their sparkles glow in the dark very prominently.
I also got another unicorn while taming the first, that trails brown sparkles and looks a little different.

I sort of left the game the minute I tested out flying/gliding/floating on unicorns…should I get back to breeding them and post pictures of all the unicorns too?

Anyway, if you want your own unicorn, it’s simple. Just spawn donkeys, then ‘breed’ them, by putting two of them in the same area. I’m actually unsure about that, because sometimes the donkeys don’t need a partner and a baby appears…or just spawns from the carrots? Eventually you’ll get a unicorn. Then breed those and you’ll have your flying one, I assume.

Patience is key. I found out it’s not complex, and the donkeys/unicorns don’t need to be tamed/named first. It just often happens by the time a baby donkey appears you’re already done taming them.

Everyone, go out and breed donkeys/unicorns and drive the unicorn sellers out of business.


I think unicorns are like jet packs. It was rare,everyone wanted it,and it became dirt cheap in less than a week.


That’s one way to put it. :upside_down_face: I still think they’re cute. Besides, some of the donkeys are really pretty!

(Plus, the unicorns make awesome steeds, hehe).


Awesome! That took a lot of patience. Thanks for the pics!

Oh, and btw, “It’s not flying. It’s falling… With style!”

~ Buzz Lightyear


Just realised that what the unicorn sellers are doing is selling caged unicorns for high amounts of money- basically the same as animal trafficking… (JK, I don’t mean to offend anyone here.)

Thanks for this guide though. It will probably be helpful to me in the future.


Yes, I thought I was so special when a brown donkey spawned. Looks like I’ll need to breed them just a bit more. At least now I know that I shouldn’t mix them all together…

Weird this sounds really familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it :unamused: I’ll just poof out of here not like anyone cares…

Clarification? I don’t really understand your post, sorry. :frowning:

He may be saying that your thread is similar to Oreo’s? Yours explains the tiers much more extensively so maybe not. I’m just speculating.

I guess I explained along the way when I think about it, but I just wanted to post pictures so I could delete the screenshots from my iPad (I’m crazy about keeping my Photo Gallery as small as possible with little photos) and still be able to see them, hence why it’s in #pictures and not #tips-guides – I don’t really consider it one, hehe. Just my personal first donkey breeding journal. :smiley:

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I like the black donkey!

The black one is cool, it kinda looks like it is wearing glasses. Lol.

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The donkeys are probably supposed to be the ‘horses’ of TBH.

I have trouble understanding the color tiers of unicorn, I bred unicorn up to blue color, which then continued as black, dark brown, and white.

Then I realized that the white unicorns bred rainbow donkeys, which can only happen if they are at the lowest tier.

I am very confused as to how I am supposed to breed rainbow unicorns.

Any help?

I’m a little confused too.

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Just a minute. Sorting through bookmarks to find the help threads.

These should contain information on the colour tiers, specifically Asyc and Alexandra’s.

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Oh I see it now, instead of progressing my unicorns were regressing in terms of color tier.

Didn’t realize that since I got the original unicorn from a friend of mine.

Thank you for the advice!

Thank you guys so much for the advices!

Now I have a rainbow unicorn!

I just need to tame them now.

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Are you sure you have a white uni? The grey ones (the very first ones you get) may look/seem white until you actually get a white one (which is pure white… no shading).

Ha. NEVERMIND. I see that you’ve got a rainbow one now.

This post likely needs to be merged into the buy/sell uncicorn thread, or at least the part of it that’s talking about it.