All items found with gold tools

This is a list of all of the items found when you use golden tools on blocks.

[I][/I]Click here for a frequency chart made by Skeeve!

[U]When used on stone:[/U]

Tin ingot
Bronze ingot
Copper ingot
Gold ingot
Iron ingot
steel ingot

[U]When used on dirt:[/U]

Flax seed
Coffee cherry
Maple seed
Pine cone
Sunflower seed

[U]When used on sand:[/U]

Black sand
Prickly pear

[U]When used on black sand:[/U]

Black glass
Partially used magnet
Iron ore

[U]When used on marble:[/U]

Red marble

[U]When used on sandstone:[/U]

Gold ore

[U]When used on limestone:[/U]


[U]When used on red marble:[/U]

Gold ingot

[U]When used on lapis lazuli:[/U]

Gold ingot

[U]When used on any block in an update BEFORE 1.5:[/U]

Time crystal

currently, the items that cant be placed and mined again for bonuses are:
-red marble
-lapis lazuli

dirt, sand, and black sand can be placed and mined for bonuses again

occasionally if youre mining any of the following blocks, you will receive ten of the item youd normally get instead of one (or three if using the correct tool)

if you want to get more bonuses, even if using up more of the tool, use a golden spade for blocks you would normally use a golden pickaxe for, and vise versa

If i missed anything please tell me :slight_smile:

I know ores give 10 of that ores, Time crystals and some ingots (idk which ingots)
Red marble and lapis lazuli give golden ingots and time crystals
Sand stone gives golden ore and time crystals
And as last i know limestone can give oil.

Im sure every block gives something else, so this isnt complete yet. But it is a nice start

I know that ores dont give ten of that ore but i dont know aout the rest
Ill look those up

You forgot Sandstone. Mining sandstone with a golden pickaxe will give you a gold ore.

I have added sandstone, limestone, red marble, and lapis to the list

Does it have to be unmined stone or can you get those same items from previously mined stone?

I believe it has to be unmined stone


Gold ore in sandstone? (Starts going on a mining trip for sandstone)

Can someone please Sticky this?

On the Blockheads Wiki, there is a page about Gold tools that shows the change of getting a particular item.

If you mine Basalt with a gold pick you get Iron ingots.

Good job!

Just thought I would add that while the Gold tool bonus applies only to unmined blocks, it seems that Sand/Black Sand and Dirt may be placed and dug up with a gold shovel repeatedly.
I suppose that’s because when you place dirt and Sand/Black Sand - they look exactly like untouched dirt and sand.

currently, the items that cant be placed and mined again for bonuses are:
-red marble
-lapis lazuli

dirt, sand, and black sand can be placed and mined for bonuses again

What about ores
Copper ore
Tin ore
Iron ore and
Gold ore

I’ve never really found ores using golden tools.

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I get mostly ores

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It depends on what you’re using the tools on. Hitting blocks of ore with a golden spade or a golden pickaxe gives ores, gems, and ingots. Using a golden spade on lapis gives golden ingots, and using one on sandstone gives oil. Likewise, using a golden spade or pickaxe on dirt will give you natural resources such as clay or flint.