All my encounters with TROLOLOLOLs


@Ronnie I see you shared your troll encounters with the Forums… so I’m going to as well :blush:
The first encounter: Le twin trolls

Second encounter: The OP troll :wow:

Latest encounter: The tradeing troll

I am going to update this post as I go along. Also I am all geared up to finally kill one of these beasts!! I will let you know if I’m successful!!
If you already read the chat… I have killed one. But I haven’t just killed one… I killed all of them!!
Update: Another troll! I killed it already but haven’t opened chest yet.

Oh geez!! Best chest I have gotten so far! :what:

Yet another troll!! (Already killed)

I found 2 more trolls but don’t have photos…


Belive it or not, I have never found a troll :frowning:


Same with me


I found another one but I forgot to take a picture of it before I killed it… those things are scary!


Aren’t they only in expert mode?


No. They are in normal worlds


Yay!!!1!1!!1!1!!! I need to find some now


I’d help you find one.


I don’t have a server yet so you can’t really help me unless you come in my house in real life or friend me in the game center so I can invite you to a single player world.


Game centre connection isn’t available anymore :frowning:


Why? I’ve never used it in years so I don’t really care about it being gone, but why is it?


Because Apple removed Game Center a year or two ago.


That’s not the answer I was looking for. I asked “Why did they remove it”


Maybe someone said a no no word and an angry parent sued them?


I don’t really have to fight them. Without any armour, I risked my life and figured out how to trap any trol I had ever come across. Of course they are dead now that I was able to kill them but it’s funny seeing them just standing there before, unable to get out. I wish I had pictures.


Maybe they thought it was not that useful?


I wish it was still here. sigh


I guess so. Because last time I used it was very long time ago and I didn’t even notice it was gone. I remember I invited my bff online friend to join my single player. He became my enemy for some reason so he destroyed everything. I never used game centre since


Ermmmmm what are you guys talking about?? I honestly have no idea :confused:


You used to be able to play with people by using Game Center.