All my encounters with TROLOLOLOLs

I don’t really have to fight them. Without any armour, I risked my life and figured out how to trap any trol I had ever come across. Of course they are dead now that I was able to kill them but it’s funny seeing them just standing there before, unable to get out. I wish I had pictures.

Maybe they thought it was not that useful?

I wish it was still here. sigh

I guess so. Because last time I used it was very long time ago and I didn’t even notice it was gone. I remember I invited my bff online friend to join my single player. He became my enemy for some reason so he destroyed everything. I never used game centre since

Ermmmmm what are you guys talking about?? I honestly have no idea :confused:

You used to be able to play with people by using Game Center.

Mine still has a game centre pop up, every time I open the blockheads app. Weird huh?

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Same here. I’m pretty sure just Game Center playing was disabled

Wait is this Game Center?
Is this what you guys are talking about?

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No that’s not my real name it’s my OCs name XD

Yeah that WAS game centre. Apparently it’s gone now and I didn’t know

We removed Game Center support, as Apple kept changing things, and breaking the GC matching.

But I think it still works for me…

No the game enter achievements are still there. You can just no longer play with others through Game Center.

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Ohhh okay I see now.
But usually with Game Center you can save all your data from the game on there…
Does that still work…?

Lol, believe it or not, I’ve found around 3 trolls, lesser trolls than the number of years I’ve played blockheads. I just never bothered to find them.

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Well I only been playing for 2-3 weeks now… I guess I have a lucky world…?

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I did not ask for a rocket science exam but thanks for offering :slight_smile:

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I found and tamed a troll and I renamed him Trolli after the brand teehee :drooling_face: