All my encounters with TROLOLOLOLs


Mine still has a game centre pop up, every time I open the blockheads app. Weird huh?


Same here. I’m pretty sure just Game Center playing was disabled


Wait is this Game Center?
Is this what you guys are talking about?


No that’s not my real name it’s my OCs name XD


Yeah that WAS game centre. Apparently it’s gone now and I didn’t know


We removed Game Center support, as Apple kept changing things, and breaking the GC matching.


But I think it still works for me…


No the game enter achievements are still there. You can just no longer play with others through Game Center.


Ohhh okay I see now.
But usually with Game Center you can save all your data from the game on there…
Does that still work…?


Lol, believe it or not, I’ve found around 3 trolls, lesser trolls than the number of years I’ve played blockheads. I just never bothered to find them.


Well I only been playing for 2-3 weeks now… I guess I have a lucky world…?



I did not ask for a rocket science exam but thanks for offering :slight_smile:


I found and tamed a troll and I renamed him Trolli after the brand teehee :drooling_face: