All my things disappeared

I was just moving ALL of my things to a new house. I put them in chests, and when I got there the chests and safes were empty! I lost almost all of my progress, including my pet rainbow unicorn, and more than a thousand pc. :confused: :cry: Is there any way to get them back?


If you’re talking about your safes and chests being robbed, it was either an admin or someone who used a script to acquire admin privileges to steal from you. If you want your items back, you should probably ask Milla for a rollback to when you last had those items. Also, I heavily recommend checking the owner logs for any suspicious activity within the last day or two.

They haven’t been stolen. But I have asked @milla for a rollback. (Also all of my admin are irl friends, so I know they didn’t steal.)

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@GlassRose 1. Were they full
2. Did you pick them up and place them again

(If yes it’s a common glitch sadly)


@agentpinkdog They were full. And I put 3 chests in another chest and the stuff disappeared.

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@agentpinkdog, ma’am you need to come to the server in question to perform an in-depth investigation :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would be the reason

@Dreams Maybe after i finish this movie and the next movie

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Was the server laggy at the time?

@WumboJumbo No.

Have fun watching Frozen 2 for the 1628423th time :wink:

We’ll figure this out!!


@GlassRose Did you have dodo eggs in any of the chests

@Dreams Well I am watching the princess diaries 2 but before I was still on the first lol

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No eggs. :confused:

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I think it was because they were full then it happens a lot more commonly with eggs

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More like we don’t even have dodos hehe…

Yeah only one was full tho. I dunno :confused: :frowning:

@Dreams actually I have a rainbow dodo back at Small Light Valley :wink:

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Stacked chests in other chests causes it too


This can happen do to lag, especially if you have a lot of valuable items example the unicorns. Sorry for that to happen though Rose that’s unfortunate.

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The weird thing is, September Isles is really not laggy. I guess it’s just a glitch then.

Yes it must be a glitch. This has happened to me before, and then it’ll kick me outta the game, and when I rejoin everything is gone. Gotta be careful not to overload it, or it can be disastrous. :frowning:

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One of the biggest caveats of playing an old game that’s no longer getting full attention from its developer is having to compromise your playstyle as a permanent workaround and not being able to enjoy the game to its fullest extent.