ALL of the shark clothes

This is my awesome collection of shark clothes. It is every single colour and type possible.

It took about six months to collect and I fatally wounded more than 15000 sharks.

Most shark clothes are dyed with either one or two dyes from the normal pigments you can craft. That’s 9 clothes * 8 single pigments (72) plus 9 clothes * 28 doubles (252). There is also a set that is not dyed and the same colour set that is dyed, which are different sets and won’t stack (18). 72 + 252 + 18 = 342 unique clothes.

The last two months of collecting was to get just two fur coats.

Onto my next collection :slight_smile: Share a picture of yours too.


This is amazing! I could never have that sort of patience.

Which reminds me, I just recently lost the world where I was trying to craft every type of clothing possible so I could have a complete wardrobe of colors…I gave up on it anyway, though. :tongue:

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Wait, there’s clothes from sharks? And when the smurf did this happen?

Also they can be coloured?! Wow. I will have to check this later when my other farms is all fixed up.

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Do sharks actually drop pole items?

First of all: Cruel that you killed all those sharks! :raspberry:

Second of all: the sharks really seem to enjoy killing rainbow coloured people and where did they all come from

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It’s been part of the game since at least 2013 from what I recall :slight_smile:

:shark:: “Color people… Eat people… Obtain Color Clothes…”

The plot thickens…

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Wow! Nice job. I didn’t know there were that many colors. You must be extremely paitient

Person: Posts a topic showing off the Genocide of thousands of sharks (an endangered species)

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I still have my 15+ pet sharks. They were the parents of most the nameless victims. But my blockheads still can’t go past a big fat wild shark without introducing it to a sushi knife… RIP sharks.

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